The ROI of Archive

Do More. Save More.

The ROI of Archive

New storage strategies and technologies help
you reduce costs and grow your business.

The Data Dilemma

Zettabytes of data, unstructured content growth, and the ever-increasing value of data are putting a strain on traditional storage infrastructure and backup. Once consumed by databases and organized data, datacenters are overtaken now by large unstructured files such as videos, images, drawings, and recordings. New content is literally breaking backup every day.

More than ever, you need new technologies and new strategies to reduce the pain of backup, offer better data protection and accessibility, and reduce costs.

IT is Being Pulled in Two Directions

Now you don't have to choose between saving more data or saving more money.
With the new archive workflow, you can have both.

Less Primary Storage

Information Workflows are at the Core of the New Archive

New technologies and workflows mean you don’t have to choose between business enablement and cost savings. By taking a fresh approach to your data management strategy, you can keep more content longer, in an affordable way, and in a way that keeps the content accessible to business line owners.Watch now  

The New Archive Workflow

Instead of treating all data the same, the new archive workflow removes unstructured data from primary storage and moves it out of the backup process onto its own storage tier and workflow. The new archive workflow not only enables business growth by making data more accessible for a longer period of time, but it can also reduce storage costs up to 70 percent.  

Quantum can help you rethink your data protection and retention workflow by applying the right technology to the right data at the right time. Tiered storage, new extended online storage approaches, and advanced data management technologies can manage the entire data life cycle.

Core Archive Workflow  

DO MORE with Your Data

Business units are not only generating more content, they want to keep it accessible — perhaps forever. While viewed as a cost-center, IT is also a key part of a company’s growth. From discovering future cures, to remonetizing video content, to business analysis and trending for competitive differentiators, new archiving workflows can:

Give business line owners or specific departments direct access to archived content.
Enable content analysis, repurposing, and remonetization.
Create long-term or forever archives while eliminating data migration pains.
Enable global sharing and collaboration.

SAVE MORE on Your Storage

Archiving reduces primary storage costs by removing and reallocating unstructured content.
Archiving reduces backup hardware and software costswithout ineffective duplication technology.
Archiving reduces network load and resourceswithout the burden of unstructured files in the backup process.

Archiving Can Save You a Lot of Money

Calculate Your Savings

How much data do you have on Primary Storage (TB)?

50 TB  

How fast is your data growing annually (%)?

20 %  

Choose an archive technology below:

* Explain This Calculation


Glad you asked. We can explain.

The ROI is calculated as Benefit divided by Investment. The Benefit is the savings realized by the New Archive Approach, and the investment is what that approach costs.

The Three Year Savings calculations represent the cost of storage capacity needed to accommodate the data growth indicated. If you have 100 TB of data today and it is growing annually by 40%, by the end of next year you will need to add 40TB of storage; 56 more TB in year 2, and so on. For the traditional (or Current Method), when you add data on primary storage, you have to add capacity on backup and DR storage as well to properly protect that data. These costs are also included in the model.

This model assumes 60% of your data is “static data” — meaning it is no longer changing — and therefore is a perfect candidate to move off of expensive high speed primary storage and on to disk object storage or active tape archive. That way you can realize the Three Year Savings you see in the model. It is not uncommon for 60%, 70% or even 80% of data to be static and ready to move off of expensive primary storage.

Aside from the great capex savings you get from the New Archive Approach, you also substantially improve backup performance and costs. Moving data or content off of primary storage implies you are backing up less data, reducing storage costs as well as backup software license and maintenance costs.

To get the complete picture of the New Archive Approach, download the eBook, or give us a call to see how your organization can benefit.

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*Imagine how much you can save after 10 years.
Object Storage is well-suited for larger data sets. Re-calculate your savings with a Tape Archive
Total Three Year Investment
Current Method  
New Archive Approach  
Three Year Savings   

ROI of


Break Even
in Year


Download the Economics of Archiving by the Evaluator Group

Learn more about the new archive approach and the technologies that are enabling companies to reduce their overall storage costs by 40 percent, 50 percent, or even 60 percent.

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