Hybrid Storage for Backup & Data Protection

Backup and data protection continue to be critical considerations for any enterprise. As an established leader in backup storage, Quantum offers QXS hybrid storage systems as a cost-effective option for block storage that can be used for backup.

Users have many choices for backup and disaster recovery storage, including deduplication appliances, standard block or NAS storage for backup, the cloud for offsite DR protection, and of course most users continue to use tape for long term retention, compliance, and archiving.

Quantum QXS Hybrid Storage for Backup Storage

Quantum QXS hybrid storage arrays are an excellent choice for backup storage – providing the necessary performance at a cost that is typically lower than the competing options. QXS storage includes intelligent software and a flexible hybrid architecture that maximizes performance and minimizes costs. Unparalleled reliability and compliance with the most stringent system certifications make QXS the safe and cost-effective choice for disk backup.

A typical deployment example is shown in the diagram below.

Figure 1 – Using QXS Hybrid Storage for Backup Disk Storage

Solution Description

As shown in Figure 1 above, we’ve highlighted CommVault as the backup application. CommVault, Simpana, Veeam and others are all certified for use with Quantum QXS hybrid storage.

For customers that choose fixed-block deduplication provided by the backup application for data reduction, Quantum’s QXS hybrid storage is a good option. For those that require additional data reduction for their datasets, Quantum’s DXi-series of deduplication appliances provides a great high-performance alternative with integrated storage.

In this use case, the media servers (the CommVault Media Agents) are connected to the backup storage over a 10Gb Ethernet SAN. This use case showcases Quantum’s QXS-4 series, which provides cost-effective, highly-reliable hybrid storage designed for backup storage use cases, as well as remote and branch office applications.

Data is backed up to the QXS-4 series hybrid storage arrays from the backup application (in this example CommVault), data is deduplicated on the media agents using CommVault’s fixed-block deduplication algorithm, and the deduplicated blocks are stored on the QXS-4 series arrays.

Solution Benefits

Users get the benefits of fast restores from disk – enabling them to restore data and return to business operations more quickly – as well as extremely fast backups directly to disk leveraging the high streaming performance of the QXS product line. Fast backups mean that the production operations can return to full performance more quickly, accelerating the applications and overall productivity of the business.

The flexible architecture of the Quantum QXS products allows users the freedom to choose disk as their backup target and still use their chosen application. This flexible architecture ultimately delivers that perfect blend of performance and cost that other vendors cannot offer.

Quantum QXS hybrid storage is also available with Q-Tier software to enable automated, intelligent tiering to ensure that the most accessed data is in the fastest storage. All QXS systems include the Q-Tools software management toolkit, which includes thin provisioning, caching, storage pooling and more. Flexible configurations allow for any combination of flash and disk with densities of up to 56 drives per rack unit.

Automated, intelligent systems providing flash performance at a fraction of the cost.


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