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Intelligent, automated data movement from primary storage to object storage with Arkivio AutoStor.
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Next Generation Object Storage

There has been a shift in the way that companies use and access data. Not only has the sheer volume of data increased dramatically, but companies have recognized that data can help gain competitive advantages and even support new revenue streams. This is placing a demand on IT to store this data forever and preserve access to that data so the business can extract value.

Traditional Storage Approaches No Longer Support the Business

In this new paradigm, the status quo is breaking down:

  • Traditional RAID is inefficient for Petabyte scale storage. RAID suffers from unacceptable rebuild times as disk drive size has increased.
  • Traditional block storage addressing can’t match the scale, access or durability needs of this new paradigm.
  • Traditional file hierarchies don’t allow for global access to support the business requirements.
  • Tape storage does not provide the access performance required for many data sets.

New data workflows are required, workflows built on fast cache technology, such as flash and hybrid storage for immediate work, and next generation cloud object storage to support the unpredictable, on demand access of everything else.

Next Generation Cloud Object Storage Unlocks Data Usage

Quantum’s Lattus, leverages this object store technology to address these issues, and ultimately allows the business to unlock more value from the data. It provides:

  • Unlimited scalability – independent of physical location
  • Flexible data access and usage with no hierarchy – a 100% flat namespace
  • Long-term online durability – with Forward Error Correction (FEC) for data integrity
  • Self-protecting, with build in disaster recovery – efficiently allows multiple copies of encoded data distributed across storage nodes and across sites
  • Global data access – provides distributed data leverage global networks

Lattus Object Storage Provides Immediate Value

  • Reduce primary storage costs
  • Reduce backup infrastructure costs by eliminating backups of ‘static’ primary data
  • Cost-effective global data availability, with rapid access to historical data
  • Infinite scalability and data durability
  • Transparent cloud migration
  • Enables Big Data analysis and digital content re-monetization

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