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Agencies are under pressure to modernize storage infrastructure to meet today’s data management challenges. Massive data growth, shrinking budgets, increased user expectations, and technology advances are stressing traditional IT. Mission owners need strategies that enable collaboration and sharing. Agencies need technologies that integrate within existing infrastructure to create efficiencies that allow them to do more with less. Whether it’s converging backup and archive—consolidating data centers—taking advantage of new cloud technologies—or delivering high-performance shared storage to support mission-critical ISR workflows—Quantum storage solutions can help.

Quantum has a long history of working with government agencies and meets many of the United States Government compliance initiatives. Learn more information about Quantum’s government compliance.

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Learn how to increase revenue and provide best-in-class storage solutions for your customers. Take advantage of the sales tools and product information that can help you build and integrate total solutions and services to government agencies.

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Customers Trust Quantum

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Every day, NASA's satellites beam down terabytes of scientific data

about the earth, oceans, and atmosphere. This data is then processed and made available to climate researchers around the world.Read more
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The National Institutes of Health needed to find a cure for a growing medical image library,

Quantum now helps image sciences teams stay focused on driving research forward – rather than on managing storage infrastructure. Read more

over 100,000 companies are quantum certain

…we needed a robust storage system that could scale to handle massive data sets stored on multiple types of media…that could support our 24/7 operation.
-EOSDIS Project Technical Director, Raytheon

Storage Built for Government Information Workflows


    To make sense of the massive influx of data, you first need storage infrastructure that can capture and preserve it—infrastructure that integrates into your information workflows, with your applications—at petascale.

    When users need information they often need it now, and they don’t want to wait. Our data management solutions are singularly focused on delivering extreme streaming performance. So you can turn your data into actionable information.

    Budgets are under pressure, especially in government. Which is why we use every technology in our arsenal to deliver reliable storage that Takes Cost Out—whether consolidating data centers, converging backup and archive, or enabling long-term preservation of data with a tiered archive. So you can deliver on the mission at hand.

    The human factor is the most important to any decision— and decisions are better when grounded in collaboration. The foundation for our scale-out storage is shared access, and always has been. Because intelligence is a team sport.

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StorNext Scale-out Storage

High-performance shared storage designed for complex information workflows. Includes primary storage, extended online storage, and tape archives—powered by the industry’s fastest streaming file system and policy-driven tiering software.

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Lattus™ Object Storage

Next-gen object storage is transforming backup and archive. Enabling more cost-effective, accessible archives, object storage can reduce overall storage TCO by over 50%.

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LTO and LTFS Archive

As the market share leader in tape automation, Scalar® Intelligent Libraries and Scalar LTFS keep data preserved and accessible, and minimizes-storage costs.

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DXi® Deduplication

Quantum's deduplication technology is designed to enable agencies to protect this mission-critical information for less — by maximizing data reduction, minimizing the impact of backups on the operation, and protecting data across sites while enabling tape and data center consolidation.

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