Backup & Archive Solutions

Secure Data Protection and Archive
of Mission-Critical Information

Proven government storage solutions to protect data across sites, improve backups and create long-term archives with simple integration into existing infrastructure and at the lowest cost.

Storage Solutions Designed For Mission Critical Applications

With mission critical information, the ability to protect this data against issues that disrupt operations and from localized disasters has never been more important. At the same time, data is growing at a rate much faster than budgets can support, so agencies need to leverage technologies that efficiently protect growing data sets, including massive unstructured data sets, and do so in a way that balances the mission requirements against budget realities.

Data Center Optimization
To Improve Backups

Quantum's DXi deduplication technology uses patented variable-length deduplication to maximize data reduction and network savings. DXi replication technology is the most efficient way to transmit data across the network, and offers the option to encrypt data in flight. And by leveraging Quantum's StorNext file system, DXi technology offers the fastest ingest performance to minimize the impact of backups on the operations. Finally, Quantum's unique management tools and integrated intelligence reduce the time needed to manage data protection, and enable IT to spend more time on mission-critical projects.

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Large-scale Private Clouds
For Nearline Archive Storage

Lattus online cloud storage provides non-disruptive scalability, simultaneously serves multiple applications, eliminates technology refresh and data migration cycles, and offers the most flexible data durability options on the market. By integrating data protection, geo-spread disaster recovery and global online access to content, Lattus substantially improves the TCO of online storage.

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Secure, Low Power Data Archiving At The Lowest Cost

Tape technology continues to be the lowest cost, lower power way to reliably store data for years. Quantum's Scalar tape provides unique features designed for archiving as part of a mission information workflow — including policy-based data integrity checking to ensure availability of your archived data, high availability features designed to maximize system uptime, and proactive diagnostics to improve system reliability and reduce the time spent managing tape.

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Increase Data Security With No Performance Impact

The need to encrypt sensitive information has never been more critical. Quantum's DXi deduplication products and Scalar tape products support a variety of FIPS 140-2 Validated encryption solutions to secure data from the moment it is backed up until it is expired. Quantum's DXi series leverages self-encrypting drives to encrypt data at rest with no performance impact, and can encrypt data when replicating using an AES 256-bit algorithm. The Scalar tape libraries leverage FIPS 140-2 Level 2 validated LTO drives to encrypt archived data stored on tape — again with no performance impact — and offer different options for encryption key management, from the FIPS 140-2 Level 1 validated Scalar Key Manager, to options for Level 2 and even Level 3 certified KMIP key managers.

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Use Cases

Multi-site Data Protection
& Tape Consolidation

DXi deduplication not only maximizes data reduction, it enables an efficient way for agencies to replicate data across sites to protect against localized disasters. This enables agencies to eliminate tape at remote and branch sites without IT resources, consolidating tape in the datacenter as part of reducing costs and datacenter consolidation. Quantum's DXi series includes direct path-to-tape integration that makes it easier to tier data off to tape for long term archive, providing a tiered storage solution for the datacenter than enables agencies to store more data, longer.

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Drag And Drop File Content
to A Departmental LTFS Archive

With new LTFS technology, users can present their tape library partition as a NAS share, enabling users to access archived content directly off of tape. This new technology makes it easier to access archived data, and the standards-based LTFS format means the data is portable and can be shared and accessed without dependence on a separate backup or archiving application.

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Quantum Technology

Disk Deduplication
DXi Appliances

Quantum's deduplication technology is designed to enable agencies to protect this mission critical information for less — by maximizing data reduction, minimizing the impact of backups on the operation, and protecting data across sites while enabling tape and datacenter consolidation.

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Extended Online Storage
Lattus Object Storage

Lattus nearline storage technology provides non-disruptive scalability, easily integrates with multiple applications, eliminates technology refresh and data migration cycles, and offers the most flexible data durability options on the market — enabling agencies to keep PB's of unstructured data online with a private cloud.

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LTO Tape Libraries
Scalar LTO Series

Quantum' Scalar tape libraries offer the lowest cost, lower power solution for long term data storage and archiving, with unique features to improve reliability and data integrity. And, Quantum's unique approach to data security enables agencies to encrypt data from the moment it is backed up until it is expired, all without impacting performance.

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