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Video is Changing How People Communicate

Advances in camera, post-production, and broadcast technologies are making it easier than ever to create engaging video content that can reach a broad set of people. In government, video is transforming how teams communicate, how agencies get their message out to the public, and how employees are trained. Because video tells such a powerful story, it’s no wonder that digital storytelling is growing—it gets the job done.

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Storage Matters to Video Workflows

Managing Massive Growth

With higher resolutions and increased demand for archived content—there is a massive increase in the amount of video to manage. Which is why you need scalable, cost-effective storage designed for video workflows.

Massive content growth
Massive content growth

Collaborative Production

Creative collaboration is a key part of video post-production. And with today’s schedule pressures, time matters. What type of storage enables efficient workflows, so that editors can work in parallel with the shared access they need?

Content Everywhere

Today’s audiences have grown to expect anywhere anytime anyplace viewing. Which means storage needs to provide scalable shared access to support efficient transcoding. So you can deliver content in just the right format.

Massive content growth
Massive content growth

Archiving Video for Future Reuse

Teams are repurposing video more often—so it’s important that video storage infrastructure include a cost-effective archive to make it easy to find and retrieve content. An archive that puts a massive library of content at your fingertips.

Storage Built for Government Video

While some types of data can use any type of storage, video needs specialized storage infrastructure to support a demanding end-to-end workflow, from ingest, to edit, to delivery and distribution, to archive (and back).

StorNext Pro Solutions provide high-speed shared storage purpose-built for streaming video—with the flexibility to start small and scale-out to meet any need. StorNext Pro Solutions are built on the same award-winning file system used in tens of thousands of media facilities worldwide—and are designed for video workflows.

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