Cybersecurity and Network Forensics

Strengthening Cyber Defenses with Intelligent Multi-Tier Storage

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Cybercriminals Are Getting More Sophisticated

And no industry is immune. Everyone is vulnerable—from banks to retailers, higher education to healthcare, government agencies to critical infrastructure providers. In addition to taking steps to keep out cybercriminals, organizations today need to prepare for the inevitable cyber intrusion, to be ready to respond to, and recover from, a cyber attack. Because there is no such thing as perfect security.


7 Questions
About Incident Response—
an eBook for Security Teams

Anybody who has anything has something worth stealing. Today’s advanced cybersecurity threats are putting CISOs on the hot seat. And while detection and prevention remain the staples of information security, effective incident response has become critical to the bottom line. When (not if) you are breached—how will you investigate, and how will you respond? This eBook explores 7 important questions that every Chief Information Security Officer must be able to answer about incident response.

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How Smart Storage Can Help Cybersecurity


Look Back in Time to Investigate

Every incident response plan should include network forensics, so that information security teams have the data they need to investigate—even when there is a lag between the time of intrusion and the time of discovery.


Retain More Data in Same Budget

With StorNext and the economics of multi-tier storage, security teams can cost-effectively store more network traffic data within the same budget—enabling them to look back even further in time to investigate and resolve a cyber attack.


Reduce Time-to-Resolve Attacks

With ultrafast packet capture, high-speed scale-out storage, and analytics, security teams can reduce investigative cycles to minutes rather than hours, days—or even weeks.


Strengthen Defenses for the Future

With packet capture and insights derived from the analysis of network traffic data, security analysts can resolve cyber attacks more quickly, and take steps to prevent it from happening again.


Storage Built for the Demands of Cybersecurity

Quantum’s multi-tier shared storage solutions provide both the streaming data performance and low cost capacity needed for demanding cybersecurity workloads. Whether capturing satellite imagery, ingesting hi-res 4K video, or collecting security data—Quantum StorNext scale-out storage delivers a unique combination of high performance and advanced data management.

StorNext advanced data management software provides the optimal combination of performance, protection, scale, flexibility, and economy. And multi-tier storage lets organizations transparently integrate flash, disk, object storage, tape and cloud into a single file system. Learn how the economics of tiered storage enables organizations to retain more data within the same budget.

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Strengthen Incident Response
with Network Forensics
from Quantum and FireEye

FireEye and Quantum provide the highest-performance, most cost-effective, large-scale network forensics solution for cyber incident response. Together, FireEye and Quantum combine the industry’s fastest lossless packet capture with investigative analytics and a shared storage repository for large-scale network forensics data. This powerful cybersecurity solution for network forensics gives enterprises a “flight data recorder” they can use to look back in time, to investigate and resolve cyber attacks.

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FireEye and Quantum

Cybersecurity Customers Trust Quantum

Cybersecurity Customers Trust Quantum

Shazam! Network Traffic Data Turns to Gold During Incident Response

It’s not if—but when. Learn how enterprises are using packet capture and network forensics to look back in time to investigate—and resolve—cyber attacks.

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