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What is Q-Cloud Protect?

Q-Cloud™ Protect is a virtual deduplication appliance that works with Quantum DXi systems to provide a hybrid-cloud backup and disaster recovery solution. For companies with a single site looking to protect their business against localized disasters, companies looking to eliminate tape for offsite protection, or companies looking for a hybrid-cloud approach to backup and DR, Q-Cloud Protect was designed to meet your needs.

Protect Your Critical Data by Storing it in one of Amazon’s Datacenters

Your data is what drives your business. But is your data protected in the event of a localized disaster? Best practices for data protection say to store a copy of your data at least 100 miles away from your primary datacenter, but not all companies have this luxury – until now! With Q-Cloud Protect, you can store your data, in deduplicated form, in one of Amazon’s datacenters, and recover that data back in the event of a localized disaster. Q-Cloud Protect is available in Amazon’s Public Marketplace, as well as in the Amazon C2S and GovCloud environments.

Use case for Q-Cloud Protect:

Integrated Data Protection for Physical, Virtual and Cloud:

Eliminate Capital Expenses with Predictable, Metered Pricing

Q-Cloud Protect is the first purpose-built virtual deduplication appliance available in Amazon Marketplace, as well as Amazon C2S and GovCloud environments. It is licensed on an hourly-basis, so you only pay for the cloud resources you actually use as your system grows, and you eliminate capital expenses associated with hardware at a DR site or co-lo site.

Reduce Cloud Storage and Data Transmission Costs by 90% or more

Q-Cloud Protect uses Quantum’s patented variable-length deduplication, the most efficient algorithm in the industry to maximize data reduction, and uses Quantum’s patented replication engine to replicate deduplicated data from an on-premise deduplication appliance to Q-Cloud Protect. Data reduction rates of 20:1, and even 50:1 or more are common, reducing both storage costs and data transmission costs by 90% or more.

Using the Cloud for Offsite DR storage is the Right Place to Start

If you are like most IT professionals, you are trying to determine the best path to start using the cloud. But where to start? Offsite storage for disaster recovery, combined with on-premise backup storage, is a great place to start. Q-Cloud Protect allows companies to dip their toes in the cloud without jumping off the deep end. And by using Quantum’s proven variable-length deduplication, you’ll get the excellent data reduction and network bandwidth reduction benefits that all of our DXi customers enjoy.

Compare Q-Cloud Protect with other industry solutions.

With Cloud Backup services, there are a lot of choices. Some provide a public-only, some private-only, and some a hybrid approach where data is always accessible locally. With Q-Cloud Protect, we believe hybrid is the best approach.

Competitive Alternative
Q-Cloud Protect Advantages
Purchase Two Physical Deduplication Appliances
Metered pricing means you only pay for what you use as your system grows:
  • Cut your CAPEX in half
  • Answer the cloud mandate
Use a Backup Application to Send Data Directly to Amazon S3 or Glacier
Variable deduplication provides 3x-5x better data reduction than fixed-block, which means:
  • Less cloud storage costs
  • Lower network transmission fees
  • Faster time to send data to the cloud
NetApp Altavault
Altavault’s on-prem appliance is a ‘cache’ – not a backup appliance like DXi.
  • Keep a local copy of ALL of your backups to avoid retrieval fees
  • Faster on-premise performance
  • Better service experience

Q-Cloud Protect Savings Calculator

Quantum's cloud-based data protection technology provides a highly optimized, low-cost cloud-based data protection solution that integrates with your existing environment, is simple to deploy, and allows for efficient disaster recovery. Use this cost calculator to see how much you could save compared to standard cloud storage.

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