Quantum Q-Cloud Services

Integrating the cloud into tiered storage architectures for demanding workloads.

Q-Cloud™ solutions enable customers to leverage Quantum’s intelligent data management software to store data in the cloud when it makes the most sense for a given workflow or application by combining the benefits of the cloud with on-premise storage to create an optimal mix of performance, access, scale, and efficiency.

Cloud is Transforming Traditional Enterprise IT

Over the last decade the emergence of the Cloud has been a transformational force in IT. By leveraging economies of scale, commodity hardware, and resource pooling, cloud service providers have successfully built highly efficient mega-scale data centers. Now IT organizations of all sizes are able to leverage cloud resources to scale their infrastructure on demand in an off-site location—without capital expenditures.

Inhibitors to Cloud Adoption

Despite the obvious benefits, IT organizations have been careful in making the move to the cloud. Concerns over security, sovereignty, compliance, application disruption, and performance continue to inhibit a wholesale move to the cloud. This is particularly true for organizations with complex, data-intensive workflows—for example, capturing and evaluating satellite images, producing and distributing high-resolution video, and collecting and analyzing network traffic for cybersecurity defense. These demanding environments require a reliable, secure, high-performance infrastructure that is tightly integrated with applications—which most cloud offerings don’t provide.

Integrating the Cloud as a Tier

At Quantum, we enable customers to combine the benefits of the cloud with on-premise storage to create an optimal mix of performance, access, scale, and efficiency. Rather than treat the cloud as a passive repository or an answer to all needs, we integrate the cloud as an active tier in a hybrid storage infrastructure. By combining the cloud with high-performance primary storage and low-cost secondary storage on premise, customers are able to improve workflow while unlocking a set of new off-site capabilities.

An Application-centric Approach

Our approach is to place data in the right location at the right time, guided by the customer’s application. We utilize an intelligent data management layer that aligns technology capabilities with specific workflow requirements without disrupting current applications. This policy-based software layer intelligently moves data between tiers, including the cloud, while presenting a consolidated namespace for simple application integration.

Customers can continue to use their existing tools, and the underlying storage platform will intelligently manage the movement of data, whether on premise or off site. This maximizes overall performance and efficiency, while adapting to the customer’s workflows.

FlexTier for StorNext Workflow

Demanding workflows are unique in that the data is invaluable and difficult to recreate, large files must be shared and processed, total capacity requirements strain traditional storage and network resources, and all data must be preserved for future reference.

FlexTier incorporates the power of the public cloud as an off-site tier, within a Quantum StorNext® workflow environment.

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Backup & DR in the Cloud with Q-Cloud Protect

Backup and disaster recovery are great applications for the cloud. Quantum’s Q-Cloud Protect services are hybrid solutions that integrate easily into your existing backup and archive process without changes to your current applications or processes.

Q-Cloud Protect is a cloud service using an on-premise Quantum DXi® deduplication appliance that securely replicates on-site data to the cloud for off-site DR, for pennies per GB per month.

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Content Workflow in Your Cloud

To meet the challenges of geographically distributed workgroups, quicker deadlines, and a greater number of ingest and delivery options, media production companies are evaluating adding cloud capabilities to their workflows to improve productivity and drive efficiency.

Media workflows built on StorNext can add cloud capabilities to simplify collaboration across dispersed production teams, and to streamline content distribution from a centralized, cloud-based platform.

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