Managed Archive in the Cloud

Content Archives in the Cloud Have Never Been More Accessible or Simple

The preservation of data has been an essential business practice for much of the history of storage. Archives allow companies to satisfy regulatory requirements, maintain safety copies of files, or remonetize content later, all while reducing the burden on primary storage and freeing resources for current workloads.

With the advent of cloud services, it became possible to archive data, without the initial capital expenditure, periodic software and hardware refresh, and operational overhead associated with in-house hardware-based archive systems. But utilizing the cloud for archive may not always be as easy as it’s described. Because of the underlying data management technology used in public cloud services, IT organizations may need to purchase additional software, install hardware cloud gateways, or even write their own code to transfer files. How are files organized and managed for retrieval? How can knowledge workers using their preferred applications utilize the cloud when needed? Without the right cloud archive, IT professionals may be trading one set of headaches for another.

Workflow-integrated FlexTier

At Quantum, we focus on not only storing content, but also enabling efficient workflows that rely on high-performance storage. That’s why we developed a cloud archive system that integrates the cloud into workflows, rather than acting as a separate process. Quantum’s StorNext® environment is designed to move or copy files to where they’re needed, based on business rules and usage patterns. FlexTier enables companies to leverage the flexibility and CAPEX savings of the cloud without the difficulty of building the integration themselves or manual file operations.

Content Archives Directly Accessible to Users

With FlexTier, the cloud becomes part of your storage environment. StorNext manages the movement of content among the various systems according to policies. Files in the cloud remain visible to IT and to users who might be looking for them. Even if the files have been removed from local storage to reclaim space, StorNext maintains a stub that points to the file wherever it is.

Security and Reliability

Because FlexTier is integrated into the StorNext environment, companies have a flexible tool at their disposal whenever they need to respond quickly to demands for reliable off-site storage. And because it’s built on the industry’s most widely used public cloud services, it includes all the built-in data resiliency and file protections inherent to those systems.

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