Big Data Management 

Big Data Management and Archiving

Store, manage and protect Big Data. Discover why the leading companies in Media and Entertainment, Life Sciences, Oil and Gas, Enterprise Video and Government rely on Quantum.

If you need to provide fast, shared access to an ever-growing mountain of unstructured data, and ever-larger files, you are probably all too aware of the limitations of conventional approaches to storing, managing and protecting data. How can you afford to retain years' worth of video, imaging, genomic, and scientific data without locking yourself into rigid workflows or expensive technology that will become obsolete?

Tier and Retain Data for a Lifetime of Value

As customers' ability to generate new types of valuable data expands, there is an increasing need to retain data and maintain visibility and access to it. However, keeping all that data on high-performance disk is proving cost-prohibitive and difficult to manage. On the other hand, manually copying data to separate, offline archives effectively puts valuable data out of reach and can limit your ability to leverage it.

That is why Quantum takes a holistic, lifecycle approach to data management and data protection. When projects are current, data access is direct from the fast tier of storage. Then, as time passes and data is accessed less frequently, StorNext automatically stores it to less-expensive disk or tape tier on a policy-driven basis. To users and applications, this movement is transparent, so they can easily access it at any time. So there are no barriers to correlating today's trials with research data from 2008, or in editing together current and historical footage for a documentary.

Share Data in Real Time

StorNext® allows users to rapidly share data across Unix, Linux, Windows and Mac operating systems, whatever the underlying storage platforms may be. You have the assurance of flexibility and uninterrupted data access, even as you change and grow your existing server and storage environment. As a massively scalable file system, StorNext allows you to seamlessly evolve and adapt your data infrastructure to remain competitive.

Why Choose Quantum?

Quantum has unrivalled experience, technology, and an integrated solution set that has proven effective in managing some of the world's most demanding Big Data environments. Helping organizations store, manage and protect massive files and petabytes of data whether it is video content being converted from analog to digital for long-term preservation or genome .BAM files that researchers want to keep "forever," StorNext has been handling Big Data problems for years. We continue to pioneer innovation and value in deduplication, file systems, integrated disk and tape storage and archive. Although we offer complete solutions and a range of purpose-built, plug-in ready appliances, our commitment to supporting heterogeneity means that we can help you make the most of your existing investment in infrastructure as you step up to the challenges posed by Big Data.



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