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Both agencies and clients understand the importance of video and digital media to a standout content plan. But as an agency, you know it’s difficult to create, distribute, and repurpose digital content effectively, especially when dealing with large, rich media files. The demand for content from your growing base of clients can quickly outpace your agency’s ability to manage it on the back end. Can your infrastructure handle the performance and scalability requirements of high resolution content production?

An Effective Content Plan Requires an End-to-end Approach

Concept // For leading brands, the bar to create memorable and sharable content moves higher each day. During creative ideation and storyboarding, your existing content archive can be an invaluable asset to spark creativity and discover new ways to tell your story. Trusted by creative teams at all 6 major movie studios and all 5 top broadcasters, Quantum StorNext workflow storage gives you the agility, accessibility, and scale you need to find creative inspiration in the greatest place of all: your own body of work.

Creation // Brand leaders face pressure to satisfy an unrelenting appetite for highly engaging content. Creative teams work hard to keep up, but they often hit delays due to inefficient workflows and slow infrastructure. Imagine what you could do with a creative team able to truly collaborate in real time on high resolution content with familiar tools. It’s game-changing, and it’s possible with Quantum StorNext workflow storage.

Distribution // Today’s content team is tasked with producing content both from an increasing number of sources – agency-generated, consumer-generated, client-generated - as well as for an increasing number of channels, all with unique file format and coding requirements, play times, and resolutions. Quantum StorNext workflow storage supports complex workflows that require simultaneous ingest, editing, transcoding, packaging and delivery enabling you to meet the distribution demands of today and tomorrow.

Repurpose and Remonetize // All too often, valuable assets get lost in the archive after the initial campaign, and so goes all the hard work involved in creating them. To fully leverage content, you need a full range of capabilities for controlling, managing, and repurposing evergreen content today and in the long-term. Quantum StorNext workflow storage allows you to retain and preserve your content in low-cost storage, either on premise or in the cloud and, more importantly, makes it easy for you to find and retrieve content whenever you need it.

"With StorNext archiving, the files are safer, the process is automated, and we’re reducing tape costs by 90% or more for us that’s thousands of dollars a month….This is a much better, and less expensive approach than keeping old work on spinning disk or in the cloud."

Knox McCormac
Director of Operations, Optimus
"StorNext not only helps make producing and airing content faster, but it also dramatically reduces system administration overhead since the process is now automated."

Andreas Itzlinger
Media Systems Engineer, Technical Operations
Division, Red Bull Media House
"Having the StorNext File System really speeds up the workflow greatly, and with Storage Manager we are able to protect all of that data. It’s very clever software that really makes a difference."

Andy Howard
Head of Engineering, Commercials, Framestore
"Multiple 4K DPX sequences played back flawlessly and the SAN also performed perfectly."

RED Digital Cinema

Why Workflows Powered by StorNext Are Just Better

Quantum is the undisputed leader in storage for content creation for a reason: there are more media workflows powered by StorNext than any other storage technology. From high-performance production storage capable of supporting real-time work with the highest resolutions including 4K and beyond to massively scalable archive storage for managing entire digital content libraries on-premise or in the cloud.

Storage Built for Video

Quantum workflow storage ideally meets the needs of even the most demanding, massive-scale content workflows. And with StorNext at the core, content is always in the right place at the right time, always available and accessible. The entire content workflow operates more efficiently, giving teams the freedom they need to be more creative and, ultimately, more productive.

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