Scalar i40 and Scalar i80

Bringing intelligent iLayer benefits to small and medium-sized businesses.


Simplest possible installation, operation and scaling

Expands to up to 40 slots (i40) or 80 slots (i80) of Capacity-on-Demand

Simplified management with iLayer™ features

Highest-level AES 256-bit Encryption Standard

Industry-leading Reliability Availability Serviceability (RAS) features and proactive monitoring reduce service calls 50%

Scalar LTFS Appliance presents tapes as NAS storage, enabling new ways to manage and access archive files




Quantum LTO data cartridges are optimized for high performance, quality and reliability when used in a Quantum library, ensuring low error rates and long-term durability.


Note: HP and IBM Tape Drive Drivers
HP and IBM Tape Drive drivers must be obtained from the HP or IBM websites. For your convenience, the following document will assist you in this process.
Note: Symantec BackupExec
If you are using Symantec BackupExec you should use the device driver that came with your software backup package.
  • Windows Library Driver

    Download Windows Server 2016 Device Driver for Scalar i40-i80 Tape Libraries
  • Windows Library Driver

    Windows Server 2008 R2, 2012 and 2012 R2 Device Driver for Scalar i40-i80 Tape Libraries
  • Windows Library Driver

    Windows 2003/2008 Server Device Driver for Scalar i40-i80 Tape Libraries

Firmware Downloads

NOTE: If upgrading from a version of firmware below 160G.GS007, you need to upgrade to 160G.GS007 before upgrading to later versions.


NOTE: The maximum number of drives supported in Scalar i40 and i80 is reduced when using LTO-7 drives.

  • For Scalar i40 libraries with the LTO-7 drive, a maximum of one drive is supported (rather than the normal two) if surge protection is not used.
    • Two drives (LTO7 and any other drive including LTO7) are supported if a surge suppression circuit with a minimum rating of 2500 Joules is used.
  • For Scalar i80 libraries with the LTO-7 drive, a maximum of three drives is supported (rather than the normal five). This maximum applies even if you are using other drives in conjunction with the LTO-7 drive, such as using a combination of LTO-7, LTO-6, and LTO-5 drives.

NOTE: The library firmware bundle includes only HP drive code. IBM drive code is not currently included in the library firmware bundle, so needs to be downloaded and loaded to the library separately. Click the IBM Drive Firmware below to begin the download. A library firmware update will remove IBM firmware from the library, so it will need to be re-installed after a firmware upgrade.

Current Certified Tape Drive Firmware Versions

NOTE: Certified drive firmware versions shown below are also certified for previous versions of library firmware that support those drives.

  Current Production
Scalar i40 and i80 Libraries 190G.GS006
HP LTO-4 Full-height SAS A65Z
HP LTO-4 Full-height FC H64Z
HP LTO-4 Half-height SAS U62Z
HP LTO-4 Half-height FC V62Z
HP LTO-5 Half-height SAS Z6KZ 
HP LTO-5 Half-height FC Y6MZ 
HP LTO-6 Half-height SAS 35VZ 
HP LTO-6 Half-height FC 25WZ 
IBM LTO-5 Half-height SAS H971 
IBM LTO-5 Half-height Fibre Channel H971 
IBM LTO-6 Half-height SAS JAX1 
IBM LTO-6 Half-height Fibre Channel JAX1 
IBM LTO-7 Half-height SAS JAYK 
IBM LTO-7 Half-height Fibre Channel JAYK 

There are no downloadable diagnostic tools for this product.

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