Part Numbers for the Quantum SDLT220

The following list provides a cross-reference of Quantum Super DLTtape™ product names to the corresponding part number and description. This information may be of use when communicating with sales or support staff.

Part Number Description
TR-S11AA-YF SDLT 220N LVD Embedded
TR-S11BA-YF SDLT 220N LVD Table Top
TR-S12AA-YF SDLT 220 LVD Embedded
TR-S12BA-YF SDLT 220 LVD Table Top
TR-S11AB-YF SDLT 220N HVD Embedded
TR-S11BB-YF SDLT 220N HVD Table Top
TR-S12AB-YF SDLT 220 HVD Embedded
TR-S12BB-YF SDLT 220 HVD Table Top