DXi V-Series

High-Performing, Affordable, and Extensible Virtual Backup Appliances Designed for Distributed Site, Data Center Protection and Foundational for Cloud BaaS


100% Virtual 100% Software | Eliminates hardware requirements; reduces overall storage footprint; integrates easily with all leading backup software

High Performance and Simple Scalability | Up to 4.9TB/hr ingest performance; protects up to 360TB of data on any physical or virtual server

Foundation for Backup-as-a-Service | Powerful deduplication for both virtual and physical servers; reduces data by up to 90%, Disaster Recover and Cloud BaaS for any size organization



Performance: DXi V4000: Up to 5TB/hr (DXi Accent™)
DXi V2000: Up to 2TB/hr (DXi Accent)
Capacity (usable): DXi V4000: 4TB-24TB
DXi V2000: 1TB-8TB
Standard Software Included: Deduplication, replication, encryption, DXi Accent,NAS (CIFS/NFS), OST Support


NAS backup target
  Presentations: CIFS and/or NFS
  Shares: 128 max
OpenStorage (OST) API
  Presentations: Symantec Storage Servers and Logical Storage Units
  Shares: 128 max

DXi Accent

DXi Accent software allows the backup server to collaborate in the deduplication process, offloading part of the data reduction activity so that only unique blocks are sent over the network to the DXi appliance. This hybrid approach provides faster backups over bandwidth-constrained LANs or WANs. DXi Accent can be enabled or disabled on a per-media server basis. Initial support for DXi Accent is provided through the NetBackup OpenStorage (OST) API.

Replication Included For All Units

Replication-compatible with DXi systems using NAS or OST presentations. Replication is asynchronous, one-to-one configurations; partitions in same unit act as replication source or target; units with partitions acting as replication targets can also support local backup; data is deduplicated and encrypted prior to transmission; file-based replication provides automated access to data at the target; CLI supports scripting/scheduling. Configurations support replication bandwidth control.

Minimum System Requirements

DXi V2000
VMware ESXi 5.0 or 5.1
Multi-core Intel processor (AMD not supported): Two virtual CPU cores required for execution
Minimum 1.5TB of thinly provisioned disk capacity
0.5TB (512GB) of disk capacity in addition to licensed capacity (i.e., 8.5TB for a 8TB license)
8GB of RAM allocated to the DXi V2000

DXi V4000
VMware ESXi 5.0, 5.1, or 5.5
Multi-core Intel processor (AMD not supported)
Eight virtual CPU cores required for execution
Minimum 4.5TB of thinly provisioned disk capacity
0.5TB (512GB) of disk capacity in addition to licensed capacity (i.e., 24.5TB for a 24TB license)
48GB of RAM allocated to the DXi V4000
The DXi V4000 will use less than 48GB of RAM depending upon connections and capacity in use

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