Quantum Severity Definitions and Examples

Severity Value Severity Definition Examples
Not Determined Default value used to quickly identify SR administrative problem.
  • None
Critical Production use of the covered Quantum product is stopped or so severely impacted that critical business functions cannot be performed.
  • Quantum product is 100% down
  • Quantum product problem is preventing the customer from accessing the system or their data (e.g., DXi Blockpool Verify operation, one or more StorNext filesystems not accessible, etc.)
  • Any data loss and/or data corruption
Downgraded from Critical Work-around has been applied to a Critical SR such that the system and/or data is now available to the customer.
  • Re-booting a non-responsive product
  • Provided a temporary work-around that allows the customer to resume operations
Major Quantum product is able to perform standard functions, but the product performance or functionality is severely degraded or limited.
  • Quantum product GUI is not accurately reflecting status on key values that the customer uses to effectively manage their operations
  • A component failure that could result in a DUDL event if the redundant component fails (e.g., disk drive failure, redundant controller failure, redundant robot failure, etc.)
Minor Quantum product is experiencing a minor loss of service, anomaly, or cosmetic defect that inflicts little or no business impact. Resolution may require a workaround or hardware/software upgrade to mitigate the problem.
  • Non-critical component failure (e.g., single tape drive in a multi-drive library product)
  • Non-critical GUI value is inaccurate
  • Component expiration alert (e.g., battery)