Quantum Product Support

Installation and Configuration

It’s always important to make sure your Quantum products are installed and configured properly. Our experts are ready to work with you to get your new product up and running right away and answer any questions as quickly as possible.

Quantum offers a proprietary process that’s customized for your specific needs. From the product installation, testing, and configuration phase to post-installation review and interoperability validation, you’ll have the confidence of knowing that your Quantum product will provide seamless and reliable data backups, restores, and archiving.

Product Installation Services

Get the peace of mind that comes from having your Quantum product professionally installed. Our expert services include:

  • Inspecting your product for any damage that may have occurred during shipment

  • Uncrating your product and removing shipping materials

  • Leveling and alignment (if applicable)

  • Attaching the product to the host device or network

  • Exercising your product to ensure a successful connection

  • Providing product overview and proper handling instructions

Product Configuration Services

Our certified engineers have extensive experience with a wide range of host applications, operating systems, and devices to ensure that your Quantum product is successfully configured into your existing storage environment.

If you’ve already purchased installation service, please visit the Product Installation Readiness and Scheduling page.