What is an Unauthorized Service Provider?

An Unauthorized Service Provider is any company who (a) is not a Quantum authorized channel partner, or (b) is a Quantum authorized channel partner but is offering you a third party brand of service outside of any of Quantum’s authorized channel Service programs.

Who is authorized to resell Quantum Services?

Quantum has an extensive network of partners who are authorized to resell Quantum Services which, depending upon geography, program and partner certification could include co-branded or partner-branded Services.

How can I tell whether a particular company is an authorized channel partner to Quantum?

You can verify a partner’s status via Quantum’s Partner Locator tool.

For Product resellers, please consult this link: http://www.quantum.com/partners/

For Certified Quantum Service Partners, please consult this link: http://www.quantum.com/serviceandsupport/serviceproviders/index.aspx

I do not see a particular partner on the list, but they claim to have a business relationship with Quantum. How should I understand this?

Many Unauthorized Service Providers use misleading language to suggest a relationship that does not exist. If you have questions about their certification status with Quantum, please contact: DL-CertifiedQuantumServiceProviders@Quantum.Com

Why are Quantum’s Services so much more expensive than Unauthorized Service Provider offerings?

Quantum’s flagship StorageCare Services are priced competitively and we believe the prices reflect the value Quantum’s StorageCare Services deliver. No Unauthorized Service Provider can provide you with the global coverage, deep technical expertise and peace of mind. If critical or unique product issues arise, an Unauthorized Service Provider will not have access to Quantum's sustaining and product engineering teams, leaving you in a potentially unrecoverable situation. We believe no one knows Quantum assets better than we do and that the price differential reflects the value differential.

Can Unauthorized Service Providers address my need for replacement parts?

Not really. Quantum does not sell replacement parts to unauthorized parties. Any parts USP have are likely procured on the gray market or are salvaged from retired systems. They most certainly will not have the latest firmware available. These spare parts have dubious origins and are not up to Quantum standards.