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Tape Library Support in Asia Pacific
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An answer for your technical question may be just a click away! In addition to calling or emailing our world-class support representatives, you now have the option to search our new interactive database of frequently asked questions. Try it out today by clicking on the link below:

Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Macau, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand 
Tel (toll free): +800 7826 8887
Tel (local): +603 7953 3010

Please note that calling the Toll Free number above may be restricted for callers calling from a cell phone or pay phone. Also, certain countries may have their own regional telecommunications restrictions and may require you to dial an international access code before the toll free number listed above. Please check with your telecommunications provider if you are unable to use the Toll Free number listed above.

China (North) 
Tel (toll free): 10 800 712 1495
Tel (local): +603 7953 3010

China (South) 
Tel (toll free): 10 800 120 1495
Tel (local): +603 7953 3010

Tel (toll free): 000 8000016014
Tel (local): +603 7953 3010

Out of Warranty Libraries 
Applies to:  ACL 4/52, 520 and 7100 
Quantum has begun utilizing a third-party repair provider for these products. All return authorization procedures will be provided by:
  Sprague Magnetics, Inc
12806 Bradley Ave.
Sylmar, CA 91342

(PH) 818-364-1800
(Fax) 818-364-1810

Contact for RMAs - April Moffitt


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