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Scalar LTFS Appliance

Enabling New Ways to Manage, Access and Protect Data

Whether it is sports, marketing, or surveillance videos, engineering or architectural drawings or scanned documents, now is the time to get static, unstructured content off primary storage. Not only will you reduce your primary storage, but you’ll reduce the burden on day-to-day backup operations, while enabling users to access their data directly in native file format.

Scalar® Linear Tape File System (LTFS) presents a tape library as a NAS share, enabling users to leverage familiar file system tools, and even drag and drop files directly to and from a tape cartridge, just like a disk-based NAS share.

Scalar LTFS Tape-NAS Archive Solutions provide:  

  • Easy file access | Users can directly access archived files
  • Lower total storage costs | Free up primary storage, reduce backup demands
  • Simple “drag and drop” archive | Familiar file system views and tools
  • Easy installation | Start using within hours
  • Open standard format | Ensure data accessibility and easier portability


Open standard format
Storing your data in the Linear Tape File System (LTFS) open standard is the best strategy for supporting data transportability and long-term data accessibility.

Inexpensive NAS storage for archive
Access your tape libraries as a NAS file share. You can even drag and drop files between your tape archive and your primary working storage.

Works with your existing applications and file system tools
Archive files are directly available to your existing applications and file system utilities. Accessing your archived data and searching for your files no longer requires proprietary backup applications.

Scale across partitions and libraries, up to 18PB of data
Protect your investment by buying only the performance you need. Scalar LTFS can scale up as your data and performance needs grow.

Easy user setup
Scalar LTFS is an appliance, designed and configured to handle your specific performance requirements. These user installable appliances offer performance for large organizations and simplicity where IT support is limited.

Get the most utilization from your tape library
With Scalar Library partitioning, you can use the library capacity you need for your traditional backup data, and leverage other library slots to store your LTFS archive data.




Feature Scalar LTFS LTFS-LE
Easy user installable appliance  
Presents NFS & CIFS out of the box  
Common web-based UI for configuration, setup and status  

Crossroads StrongBox

Feature Scalar LTFS StrongBox
Scalable without additional disk storage  
Cartridge orientation – applications and users have direct access to individual cartridges  
Data cached to hard drive