Scalar iBlade

Efficient. Optimized.

The benefits of converged solutions – including reduced data center footprint, lower power and cooling costs, lower maintenance costs, and streamlined management – are now available with Scalar i6 and Scalar i3 libraries. This Quantum exclusive is particularly important today, as the amount of data under management continues to grow faster than IT budgets, pressuring IT organizations to seek greater efficiencies anywhere they can.

What is Scalar iBlade?

Scalar iBlade is a Quantum exclusive that includes a server – with software and connectivity options – integrated into a Scalar i6 or Scalar i3 library, enabling converged solutions for greater levels of efficiency. Scalar iBlade is an appliance-like solution that is integrated and configured for optimum task performance.

Scalar iBlade integrates into a Scalar i6 or Scalar i3 library without consuming data center rack space or additional power drops—resulting in more efficient use of data center resources, including lower power and cooling costs plus easier management from a single, integrated user interface.

Scalar iBlade Rear View

Scalar iBlade for Veeam tape server eliminates the need for an external physical server as part of a 3-2-1 solution for data protection. By integrating the tape server into the library, Veeam customers can now realize the benefits of tape in a converged solution.

NAS Tape Archive

Active archives are a proven tool for preserving and protecting large unstructured data sets. Scalar iBlade with Scalar linear tape file system (LTFS) enables a NAS tape archive for file-based storage of unstructured data in a converged solution. The active archive provides easy access to users’ files because it’s just a NAS share, and the integrated solution is easy for IT to manage and configure.

Elimnate External Veeam Server

Library Support Scalar i6, Scalar i3
Form Factor Installs into library bay
Drive Support Any drive supported by the library
Processor Intel D1517
eMMC 128 GB eMMC
Application Support Veeam Tape Server Scalar LTFS
Operating System Windows Server 16 (Veeam Tape Server) CentOS 7.2 (SLTFS)

Each iBlade includes two 10 GbE ports with RJ45 copper connectors for network connectivity. There are three different models to choose from, depending on tape drive connectivity requirements. A USB port is available for service use only.

Connectivity Specs

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    Scalar i6000

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  • Scalar i6

    Scalar i6

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  • Scalar i3

    Scalar i3

    Designed for ease of use, efficiency and scalability.

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    Other Models

    Quantum has previous generation Scalar i500 tape libraries available for customers interested in staying with these models.

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Scalar i3

Designed for ease of use, efficiency and scalability.

Scales up to 3PB
Scalar i3

* Assumes 2.5:1 compression for LTO-7.