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A scalable, easy-to-use rack-mount tape library ideal for growing midrange environments.

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What is Scalar i500?

Created for midrange storage environments, Scalar i500 tape libraries feature integrated iLayer software to dramatically improve the management, proactive monitoring, and security of your growing organization's backup process. With advanced diagnostic services, library resource management, and I/O management inside the library, iLayer monitors itself, so you don't have to worry about failed backups or restores. The Extended Data Life Management feature ensures your archived media is trouble-free so the data is available when you need it. Plus, Scalar i500 tape libraries are simple to install, operate, and maintain and can accommodate continual data growth, expanding to up to 12 PB of capacity.

Integrated management software makes the i500 easier to manage, reducing administrative time up to 75%.

Exclusive iLayer feature ensures availability of data placed in long-term storage/archive/DR.

Media, drive and security reports improve understanding of library utilization and performance. Automated report scheduling and distribution save time.

Improves service levels by reducing service calls 50% and resolution time by 30%.

Scalar i500 Specifications

The intelligent tape library platform that gives growing midrange storage environments faster, easier, and more reliable data protection by providing industry-leading management, scalability, and reliability. Expands up to 12 PB.

Capacity Configurations

Module Size Max Slots Max Drives Max Capacity (TB) 1
5U Control Module 41 2 256 615 1,230
14U 133 6 831 1,995 3,990
23U 225 10 1,406 3,375 6,750
32U 317 14 1,981 4,755 9,510
41U 409 18 2,556 6,135 12,270
1 Assumes 2:5:1 compression.


Interface Options 8Gb fibre channel and 6Gb SAS
Inventory Speed 55 seconds for average 5U configuration; 110 seconds for average 14U configuration
Configuration Auto-discovery and auto-calibration for installed/added components (modules, tapes, drives, magazines, etc.), drive firmware auto-leveling
Import/Export Up to 54 media slots in removable magazines


Library MSBF Greater than 2,000,000
Library MTTR 30 minutes
Power Optional 2N power for all systems and drives
Diagnostics Embedded within the library; includes monitoring of major subsystems, self-diagnostic procedures, and policy-based email and pager alerts to system administrators and Quantum Global Services
Module Upgrade Any storage module may be added in less than 30 minutes;
customer-installable components include some drives, fans,
power supplies, slot upgrades


System H x W x D Weight
5U Base System 8.6" × 17.4" × 31.4" (21.9cm × 44.2cm × 79.8cm) 66 lbs (30 Kgs)
14U Base System 24.4" × 17.4" × 31.4" (61.9cm × 44.2cm × 79.8cm) 125 lbs (56.8 Kgs)
23U Base System 40.1" × 17.4" × 31.4" (101.9cm × 44.2cm × 79.8cm) 184 lbs (83.6 Kgs)
9U Expansion Module 15.8" × 17.4" × 31.4" (40cm × 44.2cm × 79.8cm) 59 lbs (26.8 Kgs)
Drive 8.9" × 13" × 16.4" (22.6cm × 33cm × 41.7cm) 10 lbs (4.6 Kgs)
Power Supply 8.9" × 13" × 16.4" (22.6cm × 33cm × 41.7cm) 5 lbs (2.3 Kgs)
Quantum doesn’t just provide the ability to do basic tape backup—it is the flexibility of the architecture and tools in the Scalar tape library that allow us to meet regulatory, encryption, and compliance requirements.
Matt Stamper, Vice President of Managed & Professional Services, redIT See their story

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* Assumes 2.5:1 compression for LTO-8.