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Stringent laws now require that electronic records managers and IT managers be more accountable than ever. Beyond ensuring that information systems and records are reliable and efficient, managers must be certain that the data stored is available and accurate for an ever-increasing range of legal and regulatory purposes. Statutes require that courts and regulators expect companies to establish rules for the reliable capture, retention, management, storage, and deletion of information. It's imperative that the data be reliably retrieved when needed. The cost of failing to meet these requirements can be devastating.  Download DLTSage WORM

The most common regulatory compliance statues in place today include:


First Widely-Adopted Tape Technology Offering WORM  

DLT® Technology, was the first widely-adopted midrange tape technology to offer a WORM (Write Once Read Many) solution that provides secure, quick, and easy retrieval of archived records for government compliance.

The DLTSage™ architecture platform, with DLTSage WORM (Write Once, Read Many) provides customers archival functionality with a complete set of management tools and strong software support. DLTSage WORM makes the DLT-S4, SDLT 600 and the DLT-V4 drives the only drives that can utilize standard media for both traditional backup and archiving as well as for regulatory compliance.

DLTSage WORM enables drives to utilize standard media for both traditional backup and archiving as well as for regulatory compliance, making it possible for you to extend your existing investments in DLT Technology into a total compliant data storage environment.

DLTSage WORM functionality is available at no additional charge, and ships with DLT-S4, SDLT600 and DLT-V4 tape drives and media.

*All new drives will come standard with the DLTSage architecture platform.

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Multi-Purpose Media Saves Money  

The key to DLTSage WORM's increased value and easy implementation is the use of standard media cartridges. There is no need for a separate media pool, and no reason to purchase different media. The standard media cartridges for the DLT-S4, SDLT 600 and DLT-V4, will provide DLTSage WORM functionality. Data cannot be overwritten or reformatted, but can be appended.


Locked in DLTSage's Layers of Security  

DLTSage WORM provides multiple layers of security to assure compliance. Starting with the media itself, the DLTSage WORM capability places an electronic key on each tape to ensure WORM integrity. This unique identifier can not be altered, providing a tamper-proof archived tape version that meets stringent compliance requirements to ensure integrity protection and full accessibility with reliable duplication.

At the IT administrator level, DLTSage™ - Quantum's award-winning suite of intelligent data protection tools enables DLTSage WORM functionality and verifies system integrity. This combination of DLTSage and DLTSage WORM allows IT administrators to address the five elements of regulatory compliance:

  • integrity protection
  • accessibility
  • duplication
  • migration
  • auditing

ISVs Support DLTSage  

As you review your storage environments for compliance readiness, ISVs are turning to solutions such as DLTSage WORM to simplify the archival process seamlessly and cost-effectively in customer environments. Prominent storage management software providers support DLTSage WORM, providing you with the WORM capability best suited for compliance.

  • Symantec NetBackup
  • CA ARCserve, (Linux/Netware)
  • CA ARCserve, (Windows)
  • EMC Networker
  • EMC Retrospect
  • Yosemite Tapeware & Backup
  • IBM Tivoli
  • Commvault Galaxy
  • Arkeia Enterprise Backup