StorNext Tape Archives

Smart. Economic. Green.

StorNext® tape archives provide best-in-class data integrity for long-term data preservation at the lowest possible cost. Integrated with StorNext’s intelligent policy-based tiering. Provides transparent file system access to all data tiered to tape.

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StorNext® tape archives provide best-in-class data integrity for long-term data preservation at the lowest possible cost.

What are StorNext Tape Archives?

When attached to StorNext primary storage and powered by StorNext advanced data management software, tape archives provide a tier of massively scalable storage. StorNext tape archives enable you to preserve data for the long-term without the cost, space, power consumption, and management of primary disk. With StorNext AEL archives and Scalar tape libraries, you get best-in-class management, monitoring, and data security from the market share leader in LTO tape automation. And did we mention that tape is green?

Featured Benefits


Long-Term Storage at Lowest Possible Cost

StorNext tape archives combine the lowest power and cooling storage with best-of-breed monitoring to reduce the headaches of managing large archives, and to save you time. In fact, StorNext tape archives with iLayer™ software reduce administrative cycles up to 70% compared to other libraries. And with StorNext’s slot-based pricing, you will enjoy TCO benefits when migrating StorNext AEL Archives to future generations of LTO.


Big. Big Scale. Petascale.

StorNext tape archives are available in a range of models, and let you start small, scale big, and scale efficiently with capacity-on-demand growth. And with the StorNext AEL6000, you can scale up to nearly 144 PB uncompressed with LTO-8 and our optional High-Density Expansion Modules. And the archive capacity doesn’t stop there—with StorNext Vaulting, infrequently used data may also be stored outside the library for even greater cost savings and scale.


Transparency Means Workflows Run Smoothly

With tape archives in a StorNext tiered storage solution, data can be automatically migrated to the lowest-cost storage—with zero impact to your workflows and users. Transparency means that files still appear in their original file system location, so your editors, analysts, and scientists don’t need to worry about the physical file location. Saving you time and increasing your efficiency.


Self-Healing Gives Best-in-Class Data Integrity

StorNext AEL tape archives can leverage Extended Data Life Management (EDLM) to proactively detect suspect media and automatically migrate data to new tapes if needed. This self-healing capability gives you long-term data integrity. And because you set the policies that control the frequency and behavior of EDLM, you ensure that your archived data is available when you need it.


  • StorNext AEL6
  • SIZE 5U - 48U
  • SLOTS 50 - 800 slots
  • CAPACITY 125 TB - 9.6 PB
  • StorNext AEL6000
  • SIZE 2 frames - 16 frames
  • SLOTS 400 - 11,980 slots
  • CAPACITY Up to ~144 PB
  • NUMBER OF DRIVES Up to 192


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