DXi6900 Series Deduplication Appliances

Maximize data reduction, minimize data center footprint.

Enterprise deduplication appliances engineered to maximize production system availability with ultra-fast ingest performance and restore speeds, and industry-leading storage density.

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What is the DXi6900 Series?

The DXi6900 and DXi6900-S serve as the core of multi-site enterprise data protection solutions. The DXi6900-S provides industry-best density and delivers ultra-fast performance by leveraging SSDs for metadata operations. Both models use variable-length deduplication to maximize data reduction and offer unique capacity-on-demand scalability.

Patented variable-length deduplication maximizes data reduction, providing lowest opex and maximizing efficiencies locally, in the cloud and across the WAN.

Use Case for DXi6900 Deduplication Series:

Powered by the world’s most powerful file system, StorNext®, DXi® software enables faster deduplication and access to your data.

DXi6900-S uses 8TB hard drives to reduce footprint and power consumption by 50% versus competitive deduplication appliances.

WAN efficient replication makes it faster and less expensive to move data in and out of the cloud and between sites for offsite disaster recovery.

Features Benefits
Variable-Length Deduplication Reduces storage footprint by up to 90% and reduces backup windows.
Fast and Powerful Powered by the world’s most powerful file system, StorNext, The DXi6900 Series deliver up to 37 TB/hr. The DXi6900-S delivers 300% daily ingest improvements over the DXi6900 by using Solid State Disk for metadata operations.
Pay-as-You-Grow Scalability License-based, cost-effective capacity increments to manage data growth with little to no downtime. Each expansion modules comes fully populated.
Best-in-Class Density Deploy up to 544TBs (usable) in only 18U.
Offline Media Support Path-to-tape (PTT) provides a direct link to physical tape librairies that bypasses the backup server but is fully integrated into leading backup applications’ management interface and media catalogs, therefore, offering an easy way to protect backups data against ransomware and self-replicating viruses.
Enhanced RAID Benefit from low power and high density drives without the drawbacks. DXi6900 Series uses Dynamic Disk Pools (DDP) technology to deliver faster rebuilds with lower performance impact than traditional RAID 6.
End-to-End Encryption DXi offers end-to-end encryption, in-flight and at rest using self-encrypting drives (Military-grade encryption with no performance impact, non-SED drives available upon request).
Multiprotocol Support Provides presentation of NAS/OST/VTL/PTT and DXi Accent™ simultaneously.

Technical Specifications

DXi6900-S DXi6900
Up to Ingest Performance Up to 24 TB per hour
Up to 37 TB per hour with Accent
Up to 18 TB per hour
Up to 32 TB per hour with Accent
Useable Capacity 34 TB to 544 TB 17 TB to 510 TB
Hard Drives 8 TB self-encrypting drives 4 TB self-encrypting drives
SSDs in Controller Node YES NO
Included Licenses Deduplication, compression, encrypted replication, multi-protocol (CIFS/NFS, OST, VTL) support, DXi Accent plug-in, path-to-tape.
single rack
full config
Usable Capacity (TB) 17-510 34-544 36-189 72-285 108-428 144-432 144-864
Max Native Performance (TB/hr) 18 24 10.6 10.6 12.6 13.9 27.7
Hard Drive Density 4 TB 8 TB 4 TB 4 TB 4 TB 4 TB 4 TB
Capacity-on-Demand Scale
Encryption-at-Rest Hardware Based Hardware Based Yes Software Only Yes Software Only Yes Software Only Yes Software Only Yes Software Only
Direct Path to Tape (tape out)
Enhanced RAID
Multi-Protocol (NAS, VTL, OST, PLUGIN) Charged feature Charged feature Charged feature Charged feature Charged feature
All-Inclusive Licensing
Automatic Backup Application Filters Manual Manual Manual Manual Manual
Advanced Management and Reporting Yes
Granular Replication (snapshot, file, cartridge)
Quantum has the best performance and ease of use,
and the DXi equipment has been incredibly solid.
Brian Davis, Backup Administrator, Daktronics

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