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Extend the Life
of Your Data.

Archive means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. At Quantum, archive is more than long-term data retention; it’s about business enablement and extending the life of your data to move your business forward, and of course delivering the most cost-effective solution specific to your long-term data and content retention needs.

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DO MORE with Your Data

Business units are not only generating more content, they want to keep it accessible—perhaps forever. While viewed as a cost-center, IT is also a key part of a company’s growth. From discovering future cures, to remonetizing video content, to business analysis and trending for competitive differentiators, new archiving workflows can:

  • Give business line owners or specific
    departments direct access to archived content.
  • Enable content analysis, repurposing, and remonetization.
  • Create long-term or forever archives while eliminating data migration pains.
  • Enable global sharing and collaboration.

SAVE MORE on Your Storage

Archiving reduces
primary storage costs

by removing and
unstructured content.
Archiving reduces
backup hardware and
software costs

without ineffective
duplication technology.
Archiving reduces
network load and
without the
burden of
unstructured files in the backup process.

Quantum Archive Storage Technologies

Smart and Simple Archive

Artico™ NAS Appliance is purpose-built to scale from small environments to petabyte scale. It supports a wide array of archive storage targets making it easy to integrate into your target environment. Its disk cache makes it ideal for active workflows, and with StorNext inside, it can intelligently move data from active disk to archive storage delivering the best TCO model for storing, accessing and protecting data.

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Large File Archives

StorNext® high performance scale-out storage is designed for collaborative workflows with large sets of large files. StorNext’s advanced data management capabilities deliver seamless integration for flexible and efficient rules-based management, tiering and archiving. Output to LTFS format for delivery and archive, or leverage StorNext API or even REST API via StorNext Lattus™ Object Storage.

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Large-scale Extended
Online Storage

Lattus is durable online storage that scales to hundreds of petabytes—more economical than primary disk, with better performance and lower latency than tape. Lattus is ideal for large-scale data repositories that have unpredictable access patterns, such as high-performance, low-latency, “I don’t know when I will need it, but when I do, I need it now” access.

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Long-term Archives

Tape continues to be the lowest-cost, high-reliability technology for archive and long-term data storage. Scalar® Libraries can dramatically improve the security and manageability of your archive, disaster recovery, and enterprise backup processes. Designed to grow with your needs, all Scalar tape libraries include embedded iLayer™ software to provide best-in-class management, monitoring, data integrity and data security capabilities.

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Cloud Archive

FlexTier provides easy and cost-effective on-demand access to cloud storage for increased flexibility, protection, and availability. Fully integrated into StorNext and extends intelligent policy-based tiering into the cloud. No additional hardware or software required.

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Backup and Archive on the Same Appliance

DXi with Arkivio Autostor empowers customers to use the same appliance simultaneously for both data back up and data archiving, helping them save big on their ever-growing storage costs.

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Departmental, Drag
& Drop Archives

Scalar LTFS appliances allow you to access your Scalar tape library as a NAS file share, providing drag-and-drop functionality to a tape-based active archive. Ideal for archiving static content—such as videos, scanned documents, and engineering/architectural files—Scalar LTFS frees up valuable primary storage space and reduces overall storage.

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The New Archive Workflow

Instead of treating all data the same, the new archive workflow removes unstructured data
from primary storage and moves it out of the backup process onto its own storage tier and
workflow. The new archive workflow not only enables business growth by making data more
accessible for a longer period of time, but it can also reduce storage costs up to 70 percent.

Quantum can help you rethink your data protection and retention workflow by applying
the right technology to the right data at the right time. Tiered storage, new extended
online storage approaches, and advanced data management technologies can manage
the entire data life cycle.

Core Archive Workflow

How Others Approach Data Archiving Strategy

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Partition an Existing LTO Library to Create a Departmental Archive

See how this university keeps professors and students continually learning with lecture archives.

Corporate Marketing Video

Corporate Marketing and Training Archives

Learn how major retailers are growing sales through marketing and training content archives.

Large-Scale Cloud Video

Large-scale Cloud-based Archives for Global Collaboration

See how Lattus with Arkivio help establish an intelligent data movement from primary storage to archive storage.

Geospatial Archive Video

Geospatial Archives

How NASA manages 3TB of satellite data collected daily.

High Performance Video Archives

High-performance Video Archives

How a leading post-production facility stays on top of data flood.

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Check out our ROI of Archive Calculator or speak with one of our technology experts to see how archiving can help your organization do more with your data and save more on storage. We offer customized assessments to help determine how much your organization could save with a new archive strategy.

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