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Building on a proven track record of StorNext products in key big data markets, Quantum’s new Lattus line significantly strengthens the company’s strategic position in this space.

Terri McClure
Sr. Analyst,
Enterprise Strategy Group, Inc.

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Lattus Object Storage

Lattus™ Object Storage meets the extreme scalability, durability and access requirements of large-scale, long-term archives.

Whether the data is satellite images, CAD drawings, film industry dailies, office documents, DNA sequence data, or corporate reports, its long-term value lies in persistent availability to be analyzed, monetized, or otherwise reused in the future - not just when it’s collected.

Lattus disk archives provide:

  • Scales to Hundreds of Petabytes | Lattus can scale to hundreds of petabytes with a flat object namespace. Data dispersion algorithms can be tuned to spread the data across multiple sites to improve accessibility and availability.
  • Durable, Self-Healing Protection from Data Loss | Lattus data protection algorithms provide extreme durability to ensure data is protected in the event of component failure or even site disaster. Self-healing features continuously checks stored data for bit errors and corrects them on the fly.
  • Reduces Capital and Operating Costs | Lattus durability algorithms eliminate the need to replicate data which reduces demand for backup and DR storage capacity. Data dispersion algorithm enable new storage components to be incrementally added to the total storage pool which eliminates disruptive forklift hardware upgrades and huge data migration efforts.
  • Easily Integrates with Existing Workflow | Lattus options include a NAS gateway and Lattus S3 HTTP REST interface. Third party applications that integrate with StorNext® Storage Manager have immediate access to Lattus, and Rocket Arkivio offers an intelligent data movement solution to leverage Lattus as an active archive tier of storage.

See the Benefits tab for additional details.

Lattus disk archives combine the power of next generation object storage technology with industry leading erasure code to deliver maximum availability.


Built on next-generation object storage, Lattus offers an architecture that enables it to scale to hundreds of petabytes with a flat object namespace, plus dispersion algorithms that can be tuned to spread the data across multiple sites to improve accessibility and availability.


Using field proven forward error correction code technology, Lattus provides extreme durability to ensure data is protected in the event of device or component failure. Lattus is self-healing: In the background it checks for disk errors and corrects them. When failed drives are replaced or additional capacity is added to the storage, intelligent algorithms redistribute the objects to make full use of the new storage capacity. These capabilities ensure data is well protected and virtually eliminates unscheduled maintenance. Similarly, upgrading to new storage technologies is as simple as gradually replacing storage nodes—Lattus simply redistributes the objects.


High-speed access to content is available through a variety of access on-ramp. Applications can connect via Quantum’s NAS gateway as well as Lattus native S3 HTTP REST protocol. Additionally, many 3rd party applications already integrate with Quantum StorNext® Storage Manager which provides immediate access to Lattus as a storage tier. Finally, Rocket Arkivio can be leveraged to profile data and add intelligent data movement policies that leverage Lattus as an extended-online, near line, or active archive tier of storage.

Predictably fast retrieval times

Low latency disk storage yields predictably fast retrieval times, independent of physical location. High-speed access to the data objects is available through Quantum file system technologies, including NAS access and StorNext® Storage Manager integration, as well as native HTTP REST.

Multi-geo support

Lattus data dispersion technology can be leveraged across sites in different geographical locations. By doing this data can be protected even in the event of site disasters. Data can also be optimized to be stored in site locations closest to where access is most likely required.


The extreme durability its algorithms provide allows Lattus to leverage lower cost drives with lower power and cooling requirements, reducing both your capital and operating expenses. Unlike RAID-based storage, most drive failures do not require immediate operator attention for replacement. Lattus’ high level of redundancy eliminates the need for most unscheduled maintenance.

Heterogeneous access

Data can be flexibly archived into Lattus via CIFS, NFS, StorNext Storage Manager or HTTP REST, including with Amazon S3 support.

LATTUS-M with StorNext

Lattus-M leverages the power of StorNext with policy-based tiering and archiving for more intelligently managed long-term storage. Ideal for enviroments with large files that require multiple tiers of storage including high performance primary storage, active archiving, and long-term retention.

  • Includes StorNext Storage Manager policy-based tiering
  • Compatible with tiered environments that include tape including StorNext AEL Archives
  • Compatible with Lattus A10 access nodes to provide CIFS/NFS access
  • Up to 1 billion files per StorNext Metadata Controller
  • HTTP REST access supported
  • Must purchase StorNext Metadata Controller, such as StorNext M662 Metadata Appliance, separately
  • Compatible with StorNext Distributed Data Movers (DDMs)

Download the datasheet


Lattus-X provides NAS access to multi-petabyte storage for large collections of shared files at a price appropriate for long-term storage. Ideal for distributed workgroups that share large repositories of shared content or large data sets.

  • Can archive and retrieve data via CIFS, NFS or HTTP REST
  • In-memory cache yields predictably fast ingest and retrieval times
  • Up to 400 million files per A10 access node
  • Base configuration includes: three C5 or C10 controller nodes, twenty S20 or S30 storage nodes, a single A10 access node, and two internal switches
  • Additional controller and storage nodes may be added for increased durability and capacity
  • Additional A10 access nodes can be added for performance and scalability

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LATTUS-D for Application Integration

Lattus-D with its native HTTP REST interface is a perfect complement for software applications that want to leverage the power of object storage cloud technology for low-latency near line access and long term retention of unstructured archive data.

  • Entry configuration optimized for data center applications
  • Integrated HTTP REST access
  • The Lattus-D base system includes:
    • three C5 controller nodes
    • six S20 or S30 storage nodes
    • two internal switches
  • Additional controller and storage nodes may be added for increased durability, capacity and performance
  • Compatible with Lattus A10 access nodes to provide CIFS/NFS access.

Download the datasheet