The Future of Unstructured Data Storage

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Eric Bassier
Senior Director, Data Center Solutions
Kieran Maloney
Manager, Archive and Technical Workflow Solutions
Scalar i3

Scalar i3

Designed for ease of use from initial setup to on-going management. Easily scales capacity up to 3PB compressed in 12U as your storage needs grow.




Scalar i6

Scalar i6

Intelligent long-term workflow storage that can store over 12PB compressed in a single 19” rack along with Enterprise-class requirements like EDLM, active vault and path failover.


Data integrity and security



StorNext AEL6

Combines the Scalar i6 library with Quantum’s StorNext® data management software, enhancing the StorNext AEL line of purpose-built, archive storage appliances for media workflows.

Cost-effective, High-capacity tiered storage

Self-healing archive

Investment Protection with slot-based pricing

Press Release

Quantum Announces New Scalar Storage Platform: Provides Most Efficient, Lowest Cost Storage for Unstructured Data


An (Ironic) Example of Massive Unstructured Data Growth: Quantum may end up helping the very studio that helped deliver our launch video with managing their unstructured data growth.

Scalar Family

Learn how Quantum’s entire family of Scalar Tape Libraries are the intelligent choice for archiving applications and long-term data retention.

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