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Don’t Let Storage Slow Down Your Sports Production.

Inadequate or overly complex storage can bog down your sports video workflows, slowing down operations and racking up man-hours to content delivery. The team at Quantum is here to help.

Complete End-to-End Workflow Storage for Sports Video Production

Capturing and delivering high-quality sports video for broadcasting, scouting, and coaching is important for colleges and universities. As more and more video content is managed across an increasing number of platforms at high resolution, universities are looking for ways to handle this sports content explosion. Quick turnaround is essential to accomplish non-stop live production—and rapid access to asset libraries is needed to repurpose sports content and tell the full story.

Storage Built for Sports Video Production

Manage the Cost of Storing and Protecting all Your Data

Manage the Cost of Storing and Protecting all Your Data

To store and manage the massive influx of sports footage, you need storage infrastructure that scales alongside video content. StorNext integrates seamlessly into your sports production workflows, allowing you to capture and preserve video—at any scale.

Delivering Extreme Performance

Delivering Extreme Performance

Sports production teams don’t like to wait. StorNext workflow storage delivers extreme performance, allowing rapid access across WIP, near-term, and long-term archive. With faster access to sports video archives, you can turn legacy sports content into monetizable assets.

Delivering Extreme Performance

Collaborating Across Boundaries

Syncing with the creative tools you’re already using, StorNext workflow storage delivers real-time collaboration across geographies and operating systems. Improve efficiency for sports production through multiple ingest, edit, and delivery operations for 4K and beyond.

Access data for long periods of time

Unlocking Legacy Content

Keeping past event content active in the workflow helps producers use moments from the past to tell the best stories on game day. At the same time, college athletic departments have the opportunity to monetize content from decades of historic sports video archives.

Effective Sports Video Workflows Require an End-to-End Approach

Production // College sports departments today face more pressure than ever to satisfy an unrelenting appetite for highly engaging content. Imagine what your creative team could do if they were able to truly collaborate seamlessly, accessing any asset, anytime—regardless of size or age—in real-time and at ultra high definition. It’s game-changing, and it’s possible with Quantum StorNext.

Delivery // Filming the action is only the beginning. University sports production workflows demand simultaneous ingest, transcode, editing, and delivery operations, seamless archive integration with production, and sophisticated policy-based content movement. Quantum StorNext workflow storage satisfies the sports video delivery demands of today and tomorrow.

Repurposing // All too often, valuable assets get lost in the archive when the season ends, and so does all the hard work involved in creating them. To fully leverage sports content, you need to control, manage, and repurpose past content for years to come. Quantum StorNext workflow storage allows universities and colleges to retain and preserve sports video in low-cost storage, either on premise or in the cloud.

A Winning Foundation for Sports Video Production

Quantum StorNext easily handles multiple simultaneous ingest, transcode, editing, and delivery operations at 4K resolutions, enabling real-time collaboration and powerful policy-based content management. The trusted leader at major studios, broadcasters, and pro sports production, StorNext is designed from the ground up for media, the ideal foundation for a sports production workflow.

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“The results were dramatic. The StorNext/Vantage workflow reduced the time needed to post content dramatically—projects that could take hours to complete were out and to the fans in minutes.”

Scott Rinehart
Broadcast Technology Program Director,
Notre Dame Fighting Irish Media

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