Active Archive

The New Archive Workflow. New storage strategies and technologies to reduce costs and grow your business.

Featured Benefits

Quantum can help you rethink your data protection and retention workflow by applying the right technology to the right data at the right time. Tiered storage, new extended online storage approaches, and advanced data management technologies provide the ability to effectively manage the entire data life cycle.


Do More with Your Data

Give business line owners or specific departments direct access to archived content, while enabling content analysis, repurposing and remonetization.


Lower Storage Costs

Archiving reduces primary storage costs by removing and reallocating unstructured content, as well as reduces backup hardware and software costs. 


Do More with More Data

Intelligent data management tools mean never having to delete content again. As projects are completed, or as data ages, these tools place that data on the desired media while retaining active access to data so you can optimize the balance of storage cost and access performance for ALL of your data.


Petascale Protection

Protect your petascale data without typical backup window and performance breakdown issues associated with traditional data protection methods.

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