Quantum R-Series Downloads

Capture data quickly, inside a moving vehicle, without loss or corruption and automatically ingest that data so you can innovate and develop safer vehicles. Small Form Factor Design -Minimize storage space; make room for electronic controls, compute, and other electronic equipment. Removable Magazine - Swap magazines for unlimited capacity during long test cycles and fast offload at garage station. Designed for In-Vehicle Conditions - Ruggedized design and 12VDC power ensure easy integration, efficient power use, and reliable operation. Multiple Drive Options-Choose SSD or HDD, 2.5" or 3.5" to align performance, capacity, and cost to specific testing requirements.RAID Support - Ensures high performance and reliability, including RAID 5 or 6 for added protection. Magazine Carrier - Optional ruggedized case provides protection and security for drive magazines during storage and transport. Upload Content to High-Performance Shared Storage - Data stored on an R-Series magazine can be uploaded into a StorNext® environment using the StorNext FlexSyncT feature (both purchased separately) to quickly upload content to a shared storage environment.