Studio Lennon Builds Collaborative Video Production Workflows on Quantum

Founded in 2020, Studio Lennon is an ambitious, multi-faceted video production and post-production facility. The studio creates engaging TV commercials; generate stunning visual effects (VFX) for movies, TV, and games; and produce cutting-edge immersive multimedia content. It also runs a one-stop creative studio for supporting the entire creative process—from strategy and planning through production and promotion.

From the studio’s inception, the leadership team recognized the need for a robust storage environment. High performance was a top priority. The studio needed storage that could support multiple, simultaneous streams of HD and UHD video.

The storage environment also needed to facilitate collaboration. More than 50 internal and external team members would be working together on every aspect of video production and post-production. Scalability was also key. As the studio adds clients and takes on new UHD and immersive media projects, it will need to store more data and larger files.

Building the New Studio on Quantum Storage
Studio Lennon CEO Chaewon Seo had used Quantum storage for his previous company, and his positive experience led him to adopt Quantum for this new studio. Working with the IT service provider Visual Xpert Company, the Studio Lennon team selected a Quantum solution that incorporates NVMe flash storage. NVMe solutions have the performance to work with large volumes of data and the large file sizes generated by 4K, 8K, and higher-resolution media projects.

The Quantum solution, powered by the Quantum StorNext File System, combines Quantum Xcellis Workflow Director, Quantum QXS hybrid storage arrays, and Quantum F1000 NVMe storage. The F1000 system provides ultra-fast performance, delivering up to six times the speed of a SATA SSD solutions. It is ideal for high-speed, high-capacity data processing.

“With increasing demand for HDTV, 4K/UHD, and 8K media, the importance of data storage is also increasing,” says Chaewon Seo. “Quantum’s Xcellis and F1000 are industry-leading data storage and integrated management solutions recognized by any filmmaker. We chose Quantum storage not only for its performance and collaborative capabilities but also for its reliability, technical support, and ease of expansion.”

Supporting Remote Access
Since installation took place during the COVID-19 pandemic, remote accessibility to storage was critical. Fortunately, the Quantum solution supports PCoIP technology, which enables team members to access the new storage environment remotely. And because Xcellis Workflow Director supports multiple operating systems—including Windows, Linux, Mac, and UNIX—team members can use their preferred workstations from the office or home without compatibility issues.

Accelerating Workflows and Enabling Seamless Collaboration
The Quantum F1000 system helps accelerate a variety of editing and finishing tasks—even when team members work with massively unstructured data such as 8K 60 fps UHD content, high-resolution images, CGI, VFX, and 3D content. The Studio Lennon team has reported significant performance improvements compared with past experiences using other storage solutions. That performance translates directly into greater productivity.

“We needed a fast, flexible production infrastructure to match the production environment with these different media types,” says Chaewon Seo. “The Quantum Xcellis and F1000 systems can solve many of the challenges of state-of-the-art media workflows by delivering high performance, scalable capacity, collaboration capabilities, and metadata support.”

The Quantum solution also enables multiple in-house and external editors to work together seamlessly. “With Quantum, we have a stable post-production environment that allows more than 50 people to access content rapidly when needed,” says Chaewon Seo.

Preparing for Future Expansion
Studio Lennon is already planning for future growth. The studio anticipates expanding its backup storage and archiving environment while adopting cloud-linked data management.

As client needs change, the studio is prepared. The Quantum solution gives Studio Lennon the flexibility to accommodate the rapidly evolving requirements of a fast-growing clientele.