Xcellis Foundation

Built or smaller production facilities who need the benefits of a shared workflow to grow, Xcellis® Foundation is an affordable, easy-to-install, and simple-to-manage scale-out NAS storage appliance that delivers the capacity and performance for both today and tomorrow.

What is Xcellis Foundation?

By providing a more powerful, more feature-rich alternative to other entry-level storage systems at a similar price point, Xcellis Foundation is ideal for smaller video production facilities that need the benefits of a shared workflow but have limited budgets to spend on shared storage. With the latest-generation StorNext software at its core, Xcellis Foundation offers smaller video facilities and workgroups significant performance, scalability and management benefits. 

Featured Benefits


Powerful, Low-Cost Workflow Storage

Xcellis Foundation is a turnkey solution with the features, performance, and scalability of an enterprise-grade system, sized and priced for smaller workgroups and organizations. Integrated storage tiering efficiently moves less-frequently used data to the cloud or other archive tiers to drive down the cost of long-term storage and preserve valuable free space in Xcellis Foundation. 


Simple Storage and Workflow Management

StorNext storage management software comes with all Xcellis Foundation systems, simplifying the installation and setup process with a web-based user interface. With StorNext Connect, easily manage all aspects of your Quantum NAS storage environment with robust system and client reporting—including capacity, performance and utilization—both in real time and historically. 


Full Featured, Powered by StorNext

All Xcellis appliances are powered by the industry’s fastest and most popular scale-out file and data management system, Quantum StorNext. StorNext is designed specifically for managing large data-intensive, stream-based workflows, including 4K. Xcellis Foundation comes with StorNext 6, the latest and most feature-rich version, which includes bandwidth management, non-disruptive stripe group scaling, file system auditing, and FlexTier™ cloud access. 


Flexible for Your Unique Workflow

Xcellis Foundation can grow as your business dictates. Easily add capacity, connectivity and redundancy. With StorNext advanced data management, you can add Quantum nearline and archive solutions—including popular public cloud storage services—with built-in storage tiering without disrupting your workflows. 


  • FORM FACTOR 3U rack server, including a 1U Xcellis Workflow Director
    node and 2U QXS™-3 storage chassis.
  • XCELLIS WORKFLOW DIRECTOR The “brains” of a StorNext environment. 
    Factory-installed with StorNext advanced data management
    software and preconfigured with metadata storage,
    Xcellis Workflow Directors are purpose-built
    to enable high-speed ingest and shared access at scale,
    with reliability you can trust.
  • QXS-3 WORKFLOW STORAGE Optimized for the speed, scale, and sharing
    required by demanding workflows. 
    StorNext QXS-3 series storage comes with 48 TB of raw capacity,
    and is available in 72 TB and 96 TB options.
  • STORAGE USAGE Combined user data and file system metadata.
  • NIC Dual 10 GbE Optical (40 GbE option)
    SMB 3, NFS v3, NFS v4 (no per client licensing) 
    Active Directory, OpenLDAP, RESTful API.
  • CLIENT SUPPORT Linux, Mac OS X, Windows
  • WARRANTY One-year next business day.

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Learn how post houses, agencies and other creative workflows use the Xcellis NAS Scale-out storage solution to cater to their needs. Build your enterprise solution at a low cost, while still having the ability to scale.

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