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On-Premise Artificial Intelligence for Media Workflows

Artificial intelligence (AI) represents a significant advancement in content awareness and data management. While most AI services operate in the cloud, the world’s largest content repositories are either too large or too private to upload to the cloud for processing.

That’s why Quantum has partnered with Veritone®, developer of the world’s first AI operating Quantum has partnered with Veritone®, developer of the world’s first AI operating system that orchestrates cognitive enginessystem that orchestrates cognitive engines, to offer aiWARE for Xcellis™, an appliance-deployed, on-premise and cloud solution for media workflows powered by Quantum StorNext® 6 scale-out storage and data management software.

With aiWARE for Xcellis, you can now leverage AI to maximize the value of your library within your own network—while retaining all the advantages and flexibility of Veritone's cloud-based engines—using a powerful AI appliance.

Transform Artificial Intelligence Into Actionable Intelligence

aiWARE for Xcellis is an on-premise solution designed specifically for StorNext environments featuring Xcellis Workflow Storage appliances. It combines Veritone cognitive engines and AI applications for analysis of your local library with the ability to access Veritone's expanding array of cloud-based AI engines. This flexibility lets you quickly and automatically build valuable metadata, maximize your media asset management (MAM) investment, and monetize content hidden deep in your library with the best engines for the job.

Transform Artificial Intelligence Into Actionable Intelligence

Featured Benefits


On-Premise Processing

aiWARE for Xcellis brings all the content intelligence and advanced media data mining capabilities of Veritone’s cognitive services to on-premise StorNext-powered content repositories. This ability addresses cloud-related storage latency, cost or security requirements.


Integrated Appliance

As an integrated solution, aiWARE for Xcellis is simple to deploy and configure. The appliances include the processing power and memory to fit the needs of your workload today, and easily scale as your library grows in the future.


High Performance, Low Cost

By hosting AI engines locally, aiWARE for Xcellis enhances processing performance and eliminates the time associated with uploading content to the cloud. Users with large libraries will also realize significant savings over storing their content in the cloud.


Access to Cloud Engines

By leveraging Veritone’s ongoing evaluation of the latest cognitive engines, aiWARE for Xcellis offers access to best-of-breed choices across the spectrum of cognition. And with Veritone core applications, every frame of video or second of audio can now be searched for objects, faces, voices, brands, sentiment, text, and more.


Engine Orchestration

A single engine in any given class of cognition is often not sufficient to process and augment content efficiently or accurately. aiWARE for Xcellis includes Veritone’s patented Conductor™ to orchestrate multiple engines to produce time-correlated metadata.


Unified Web Interface

Xcellis Foundation can grow as your business dictates. Easily add capacity, connectivity and redundancy. With StorNext advanced data management, you can add Quantum nearline and archive solutions—including popular public cloud storage services—with built-in storage tiering without disrupting your workflows. 

The Veritone Advantage

Veritone AI Advantage

Veritone unlocks the power of AI to process, correlate, and analyze unstructured content in a seamless, automated manner to generate unique insights. Their open, extensible platform encompasses a wide array of best-of-breed cognitive engines and powerful core applications that are orchestrated to transform data into intelligence at scale.

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