Discover, Manage and Monitor your StorNext Environment

StorNext Connect makes it easier for you to discover, manage and monitor your StorNext® environment by connecting all your StorNext resources—storage, CPU, memory and network interconnect—in a single graphical view. With StorNext Connect, you can shorten the time it takes to deploy or upgrade a StorNext environment, identify problems before they affect users, and reduce the risk of downtime or degraded performance by eliminating error-prone manual tasks.

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Insight and Control for StorNext Environments

Discover. Monitor. Manage your environments with StorNext Connect!


StorNext Connect

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Featured Benefits

StorNext environments are dynamic workspaces where multiple users interact with valuable data through a wide variety of applications. Maintaining performance and access to data is an ongoing administrative task. While StorNext is one of the most hands-off data management platforms available, enhanced insight into system status and single-screen manageability can provide even greater control and visibility.


Simplified Installation

Before you can manage and monitor the components in your environment, you must make sure the environment is fully installed and discovered. That is, the components must be able to communicate with the StorNext Connect system. Connect enables simplified and straightforward installation and configuration of all Xcellis appliances via a robust web-based GUI.


Single-screen Monitoring

StorNext Connect provides a single-screen view of your StorNext environment, providing a single location for day-to-day monitoring. Users can view current statistics as well as historical and future trends for performance, throughput, and latency of all file systems at a high level with a drill down to individual components.


Efficient Management

StorNext Connect includes applications to help you perform common management tasks in your StorNext environment, and makes it easier to set up and manage workflows by shortening the time it takes to deploy or upgrade a StorNext environment.


  • Discover Components App The Discover Components application is a fundamental component of StorNext Connect. StorNext Connect cannot work without it. The application relies on one or more name servers as a starting point to look up hostnames of clients and volumes, or file systems (it does not scan client IP addresses and ports).
  • Manage Clients App The Manage Clients application allows you to manage or upgrade StorNext clients, and add new clients.
  • NAS App The NAS application allows users to easily configure NAS clusters, NFS/SMB shares and various authentication types (i.e local auth, Active Directory, Open LDAP with Kerberos, Open LDAP with Samba extensions).
  • Manage Other Components App The Manage Other Components application allows you to manage components in the StorNext environment, such as tape libraries, as well as view logs and documentation.
  • Monitor Performance App The Monitor Performance application allows you to monitor the performance and capacity usage of StorNext volumes (file systems).
    You can view performance based on specific volumes on the Volume view or specific clients on the Client view. You can further filter the results by workspace (cluster), volume, client or time.
  • Monitor Storage Manager App The Monitor Storage Manager application allows you to monitor destinations for Storage Manager, including Lattus Object Storage and StorNext Archive Enabled Libraries. You can view information about device activity, operation activity, device performance and storage usage.
  • UTILIZATION APP The Utilization application allows you to monitor the total capacity and usage of the system as well as capacity and usage of various tiers of storage. Both current and historical information on capacity and usage is provided. The Utilization application also allows you to monitor statistics on read and write activity rates at both a system and filesystem level for each storage tier.