Easy, Flexible and On-Demand

FlexTier provides easy and cost-effective on-demand access to cloud storage for increased flexibility, protection and availability. Fully integrated into StorNext®, it extends intelligent policy-based tiering into the cloud. No additional hardware or software is required.


Featured Benefits


The Easiest Path to the Cloud

StorNext users not only enjoy the industry’s leading storage management software with intelligent policy-based tiering built in, but also the ability to tier to the cloud whenever the need arises. FlexTier’s seamless integration means there’s nothing to install, no cloud gateway hardware to set up, no programming and no manual processes. You can go from needing capacity to problem solved in minutes.


Flexible Storage On Demand

FlexTier supports a broad range of use cases, depending on your needs. Primary storage is often your most expensive resource. FlexTier can hold finished work, saving your valuable high-performance disk for more demanding tasks. FlexTier software can tier to multiple locations simultaneously for multiple copies in multiple locations. Regardless of your reasons, FlexTier puts the cloud within reach—use as much or as little as you need.


Reliable & Secure

FlexTier builds reliability and security into the architecture and the software that drives it. We start with a platform of the most trusted cloud service providers in the world. The FlexTier hardware infrastructure utilizes distributed, multi-copy data protection. Plus, your archive files are encrypted in transit and at rest. Combine this with the automatic policies driven by StorNext and you can rest assured that your files are safe.



With its zero CAPEX model, FlexTier allows you to leverage additional storage when you need it, with no upfront cost. Depending on your situation, you may find that cloud storage operating expenses can also be less than owning and operating hardware. FlexTier employs a pay-for-usage model that’s easy to understand and you’ll receive billing alerts to help control costs. Scale up and scale down based on your requirements.

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