[DOWNLOAD] NVMe, RDMA, and Other Emerging Technologies

NVMe is important and only growing. To understand why it’s so integral, it’s important to know the previous technologies and how factors like performance density, infrastructure costs, and money all play into storage landscape.

HDD technology has long dominated because of good performance, relatively high capacity, and low cost per TB with flash. As price differences between HDDs and SSDs decreased, the desire for higher capacity flash SSDs has become worth the discrepancy – especially as the TCO can sometimes be lower because of density and power.

That’s where NVMe comes into play. Developed to take advantage of the speed, low latency, and in-device parallelism of non-volatile memory devices, NVMe can take flash to its full potential.

NVMe, RDMA, and Other Emerging Technologies


  • The important differences between NVMe and traditional interfaces
  • How networks play into high-performance storage solutions (hint: single servers are boring and easy)
  • How RDMA works as a shortcut for data
  • What NVMe storage is best used for and which budgets can handle an NVMe solution