Self-Protecting Storage:
Quantum Xcellis Scale-out NAS

Integrated Data Protection for Unstructured Data

Data protection used to be simple. Every night after everyone went home, a full backup of all corporate assets would run and be sent off-site for safekeeping. But as data grew, things got complicated. Unfortunately, none of the common data protection techniques of the past work well for the truly huge data repositories that are common today. For high-value workflows where data is the product, getting it right—right now—can be the difference between profit and loss, growth or decline, falling behind or getting ahead.

Quantum Xcellis® Scale-out NAS is purpose built to store, share and protect the massive amounts of information data-driven organizations require.

Read this paper to learn how Xcellis Scale-out NAS can provide multi-dimensional data protection for the unstructured data you rely on.