Quantum DXi® – Instant Recovery™ Performance and Scalability Without the “Landing Zone” Storage Waste

Quantum’s DXi4700/6900 deduplication solutions are ideal for protecting data in virtualized environments as they support Veeam Instant Recovery™ and at the same time provide high performance, scalable capacity-on-demand, and the most efficient use of the customer-purchased storage for backup and off-site or cloud replication. All achieved without a “landing zone” that takes up to 50% of the usable capacity in post-process deduplication appliances like ExaGrid.

Download Quantum DXi and ExaGrid EX comparison sheet and learn the advantages and shortcomings of the following products!

  • Quantum DXi4700
  • Quantum DXi6900
  • ExaGrid EX1000
  • ExaGrid EX21000