Improve Operational and Storage Efficiency of Project-Based Workflows with DataFrameworks and Quantum

Managing Extreme Unstructured Data Growth

Many industries, such as life sciences, engineering design, energy, and university research rely on workflows that involve storing, managing, and moving large numbers of files. Files related to one project may be scattered across multiple file systems, making it difficult to get a project-wide view of storage usage. File sizes are increasing, straining storage infrastructure, IT staff, and budgets. While the price of storage continues to fall, the cost of managing a complex storage infrastructure continues to rise. Joint solutions from DataFrameworks and Quantum uniquely address this problem by reducing both operating and capital costs associated with managing large amounts of file-based data across complex storage environments.

Quantum StorNext® appliances and DataFrameworks ClarityNow together provide high-performance, massively scalable file storage along with the visibility and insight needed to intelligently manage all the stored information.

StorNext appliances Artico™ and Xcellis™ combine the power of a SAN, the easy access of NAS, and a flexible, integrated data management engine. This combination delivers unmatched performance and flexibility. ClarityNow enables easy migration of files and projects to and within a StorNext environment to take advantage of better speed, access, data protection, and cost management.

An End-to-End Solution

Quantum StorNext appliances and DataFrameworks ClarityNow provide all the key components needed for operational deployment:

  • Real-time reports: Leverages high-speed indexing, tagging, and search to enable data owners to visualize what to archive and when
  • Robust, customizable data movers: Move files and projects to and from the archive
  • Comprehensive archive repository: Preserve valuable digital assets
  • Self-service capability: Enables data owners to locate and retrieve information from the archive

File System Visibility and Control

ClarityNow provides file system visibility and control for business users, allowing them to determine what and when to archive. In a large data environment consisting of millions of files and directories, the process of identifying candidates for archive is extremely challenging. The traditional process consists of checking with the department’s content owners for status or approval to archive, and then implementing the actual file movement. ClarityNow empowers the content owners to take responsibility and control the archive process.

High-Speed Data Movement

ClarityNow data movement plug-ins can leverage high-speed parallel file movement tools to get data into the StorNext archive quickly. Once in the archive, Quantum’s integrated high-speed data movers drive parallel data movement to attached storage tiers. When ClarityNow identifies content that should be archived, StorNext takes those instructions and efficiently places content in the appropriate archive storage tier—on premise, in the cloud, or both.

Support for Multiple File Systems

Most sizeable organizations have a large number of file systems, which makes discovery and management of data even more difficult. ClarityNow monitors multiple file systems simultaneously, creating a consolidated view. Users can easily find all files related to a single project. Projects can be tagged with unique identifiers that allow for even further consolidation, reporting, and control. StorNext migrates all project data to lower-cost tiers of storage without changing access or impeding visibility.

Beyond Simple “Find”

ClarityNow’s high-speed search goes far beyond simple “find” tools to provide business users with on-demand insight into both the primary storage and archive repositories, including all secondary tiers. The ClarityNow plug-in for StorNext Storage Manager displays the physical location of the asset, additional file information, and even thumbnails for image files.


The combination of Quantum high-performance storage appliances with DataFrameworks ClarityNow provides unprecedented data visibility and access for even the most complicated environments. This powerful and elegant storage solution brings intelligence to file management without complexity, and delivers the insight data owners and IT need to protect valuable content, prevent file system sprawl, and maximize valuable IT infrastructure.


  • Growing file sizes and file creation rates increase the strain on both operational resources and storage infrastructure.
  • Business users don’t have the visibility or tools to manage project data effectively, leading to excessive storage costs.
  • Searching for files using traditional file browsers is too slow.
  • Unnecessary copies are made and forgotten, consuming storage and introducing risk.
  • High data turnover exacerbates data management challenges. Data protection is necessary, but complex, difficult, and expensive.
  • IT has no authority to archive or delete data. Lack of project-level visibility into costs makes meaningful showback/chargeback impossible.
  • Managing retention and security mandates is difficult, and proving compliance is troublesome.


  • Empower business users to move projects in their entirety to more cost-effective archive storage.
  • Simplify the data protection landscape. The archive is self-protecting.
  • Give data owners the ability to view and search the archive without an IT request.
  • Extend the knowledgebase for key data management decisions. Operations, scientists, or scheduling systems can drive “what to archive and when.”
  • Give individuals the visibility to do their job while maintaining or enhancing security. The ability to search for and act on files may be separated from the ability to access the content. ClarityNow plug-ins can provide an audit trail of all actions invoked.
  • Group and relate files to a project, job, or other business purpose, simplifying reporting and enabling meaningful showback and chargeback.