CommVault Simpana & Quantum Lattus

Enterprise-Class Cloud Storage for a Highly Resilient and Intelligent Archive

New Data Challenges Require New Solutions

Are you responsible for protecting and managing hundreds of terabytes of file and email data? Do you manage an environment where data growth and storage costs are out of control? If so, it's time to look beyond traditional RAID storage and legacy protection software to an automated and intelligent approach with cost-effective scale and resiliency.

Converged Data Protection and Management with
Enterprise Scale

CommVault and Quantum offer a jointly tested and field-proven solution based on CommVault Simpana® software and Quantum Lattus™ Object Storage technology. With a single software platform, CommVault Simpana software integrates backup, archive, and reporting into a single process with an intelligent index to find and manage data across its lifecycle. Quantum Lattus disperses data on redundant components, resulting in a self-protecting, self-healing, self-migrating, extremely durable and secure storage system that can span multiple geographies. Quantum Lattus is a highly resilient and scalable archival repository. Together, CommVault Simpana software and Quantum Lattus completely transform the economics of long-term data storage.

Simpana Software:
Broad Application Integration with Efficiency and Security

Simpana software integrates across a broad array of file systems, NAS shares, messaging, collaboration, and database applications to ensure your environment is covered. With support for physical or virtual environments, Simpana software protects and manages data from the data center to the edge with integration for desktop and laptop systems.

All Simpana-managed data resides within the ContentStore—a secure, virtual data repository that spans physical storage environments. Simpana software stores and tiers data according to user-defined policies, while an intelligent metadata index catalogs data versions and locations across snapshot, backup, and archive copies.

Once data is managed by Simpana software, it can be easily found and accessed by all users for recovery, reporting, eDiscovery, compliance, and data mining.

Simpana software can also minimize data moved during backup by automatically separating static data from active data—moving the static data off to long-term durable storage and completely out of the backup stream. The end result: backup windows shrink, and archival data is efficiently transported and secured.

Combining Intelligent Policies with Highly Durable Data Storage is the Obvious, If Not the Only, Large-scale Archive Solution

Lattus combines object storage and erasure code technologies to deliver the best-of- breed in hardware data protection. Object storage technology stores data differently than traditional, hierarchical-directory, block-based structures. Data is stored in a flat file namespace and spread across both storage devices (nodes) and site locations. Erasure code technology disburses data objects into multiple pieces that contain redundant information to enable efficient recovery and rebuild in the event of component failure. Lattus delivers resiliency against drive failures and site disasters that is orders of magnitude greater than traditional approaches.

Simpana software leverages the native Lattus REST API to offer simple, cloud-based archive in petabyte-scale environments. CommVault Simpana software incorporates technologies that improve front-end efficiencies as a complement to the Quantum Lattus cloud.

CommVault's Simpana OnePass™ feature is the industry's first converged process for backup, archive, and reporting. Simpana OnePass technology uses a single scan of the production environment to service all backup, archive, and reporting processes. Integrating archive, backup, and reporting into a single process eliminates operational complexity, simplifies administration, and reduces cost.

The Simpana + Lattus solution offers a wide variety of site and namespace configuration options. You can share data across your entire enterprise with a multi-site single storage policy environment, or you can deploy isolated secure namespaces that have dedicated storage policies for specific Simpana Media Agents, departmental groups, or data sets within your environment. Simpana servers can access geographically dispersed content on Lattus to provide a comprehensive solution for disaster recovery and failover.


  • Increase Efficiency with automated, policy-based protection with minimal impact to production systems.
  • Reduce Primary Storage Footprint by archiving static data to a private cloud with the highest levels of built-in data resiliency and protection.
  • Accelerate Decision-making with online, self-service access to archived information.
  • Reduce Risk with content indexing information for granular search and discovery.

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