Symantec OST & Quantum

Automating Backup across Sites and Tiers with Distributed Deduplication and Life Cycle Policies

Quantum’s DXi®-Series of disk-based backup and remote replication systems leverage data deduplication and integrated support for Symantec’s OpenStorage (OST) interface. This enables Symantec customers to automate data protection across multiple sites and multiple storage tiers, using Symantec Life Cycle Policies to manage all processes. It includes DXi Accent™, providing distributed deduplication for bandwidth-limited networks.

Seamless Integration Between Symantec Backup Applications and DXi Deduplication Appliances and Scalar LTO Libraries

Quantum Corporation, as a foundational member of Symantec’s OST program, was one of the first dedicated backup, archive, and recovery solutions providers to support the OST API, and was the first vendor to support OST on both NetBackup and Backup Exec and across both disk and tape systems. Supported OST features include Backup, Optimized Deduplication, OST Optimized Synthetic Full Backups, Auto Image Replication (AIR), and Granular Restore Technology (GRT). Fully certified OST support is available as a standard feature on all DXi appliances, providing seamless integration between Symantec backup applications and the DXi family of deduplication and replication solutions. The DXi-Series combines high-performance backup and appliance simplicity with direct integration into Symantec backup software environments using OST, including support for DXi Accent distributed deduplication across the DXi family.

High-performance Backup and Recovery for D2D, D2T and Distributed Deduplication

Support for OST includes high-performance disk-to-disk backup and recovery, deduplication-optimized replication (Optimized Duplication in OST terms), direct disk-to-tape duplication, and DXi Accent distributed deduplication. With replication and tape creation, the DXi system is the data mover, while all operations are coordinated by the application through the OST API. DXi Accent distributes part of the deduplication process to the backup servers, with the benefit that only unique blocks are transmitted over the network to the DXi appliance, reducing network bandwidth utilization. OST Optimized Synthetic Full Backups leverage DXi processing power to rapidly create full backup images from previous full and incremental backups without moving any data.

Rapid Restores and Improved Business Continuity with NetBackup AIR and Granular Restore Technology

DXi support for Symantec NetBackup Auto Image Replication (AIR) reduces the time to ‘business as usual’ in the event of a disaster and improves restore service level agreements by tightening RTOs. Additionally, all DXi appliances provide support for Symantec NetBackup and Backup Exec Granular Restore Technology (GRT)— GRT enables the ability to create a single backup image of a Microsoft application (e.g., Exchange, SharePoint, SQL) and restore either the entire application/database or a single component. GRT restores don't require additional copies or the use of a staging area, and leverage the high performance and efficiency of Quantum’s deduplication technology.

Accelerated Backups & Replication for Bandwidth-limited Networks with OST & DXi Accent

DXi Accent accelerates backup over bandwidth-limited networks by moving part of the deduplication process to one or more of the backup servers. Only unique blocks are moved over the network to the appliance, increasing effective performance. DXi Accent can be enabled on a server-by-server basis, and is supported both on local servers and on remote, WAN-connected backup servers where it can provide an alternative to a local backup device. OST-enabled replication and direct tape creation are supported with DXi Accent, providing automated DR protection and integrated low-cost, long-term data retention.

How It Works

Optimized Copy/Replication to Remote Storage Server/LSU

Over a network connection (TCP/IP), a backup image is replicated from a source LSU in one DXi system to a target LSU in a second DXi appliance, using NBU Life Cycle Policies or Backup Exec commands to initiate the process. Only unique blocks not already resident on the target DXi are moved, reducing WAN bandwidth requirements by 90% or more. The catalog on the master server is updated for both LSUs—it manages the two instances separately and can restore from the DXi at either location. Catalog awareness of all copies also allows for independent retention policies for each one.

Direct Tape Creation from Disk

Data in an OST LSU on a DXi appliance can be written directly to tape over a Fibre Channel connection based on OST direct-to-tape commands and NBU Life Cycle Policies. DXi moves the data and the master server adds the new tape instance to the catalog, providing independent management of all copies of the data. Tapes are written in native NetBackup format and can be read directly through any NBU media server— no DXi required.


  • Faster backups & restores Back up data at high speed to support data growth and short backup windows. Leverage Optimized Synthetic Full Backups and GRT for extremely rapid backups and restores of single files or entire applications.
  • WAN-efficient replication Leverage Quantum DXi’s dedupe-optimized replication to duplicate backup images between systems for disaster recovery while reducing network connectivity requirements by a factor of 20 or more.
  • Intelligent Tiering Manage the local and remote backup image retentions through Symantec Life Cycle Policies, including those directed to Scalar® tape storage. Use NetBackup and DXi to create physical tapes for secure long-term retention of OST data without moving data through a backup server.
  • Business Continuance Use NetBackup AIR to recover rapidly in the event of a disaster or site outage.
  • Shared Deduplication Share deduplication between media servers and DXi appliances to accelerate backup in bandwidth-constrained environments.
  • Keep Data Nearline Longer Keep disk-based backups online longer for faster recovery with DXi deduplication.
  • Support Unpredictable Growth Support data growth for multiple sites, operating systems, and data protection systems.
  • Minimize Storage Costs Control costs by using distributed deduplication to reduce the required storage capacity and network bandwidth for replication.

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