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Deduplication Appliances, Integrated with Veeam Data Mover Service

Quantum DXi deduplication appliances are the only inline deduplication appliances integrated with Veeam's Data Mover Service, so advanced features like Instant VM Recovery and synthetic full backups can run directly on the DXi.

Deduplication Appliances
Scalability on your terms

Scalability on Your Terms

Combination of tape, dedupe and disk storage allows you to design a solution that can scale as your data grows. And all Quantum products scale using a unique capacity-on-demand approach that minimizes licensing costs.

Protection Against Ransomware

Only Scalar converged tape includes an optional embedded blade server that can run a Veeam proxy server - enabling users to create tape without a physical server.

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Protection against Ransomware
Complete End-to-End Solution

Complete End-to-End Solution

Only Quantum offers a full stack of hardware for Veeam to support the "3-2-1" best practice approach to data protection.

How it works

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DXi Deduplication Appliances

  • Inline, variable deduplication maximizes backup performance and data reduction
  • Enables efficient data movement accross the WAN to DR sites and the cloud
  • Delivers faster deduplication and data access whatever the capacity point
  • Integrated with Veeam Data Mover Service to support advanced features like Instant VM Recovery and synthetic full backup creation

Scalar Converged Tape Storage

  • Highest storage density in LTO automation, lower cost per GB within a single rack
  • Integrated iLayer features like policy-based data, integrity checking, automated in-library vaulting
  • Best choice for long-term retention & protection against ransomware

[Optional] QXS High-Performance Disk Storage

  • Designed for high performance, direct-attached backup storage

Storage that Enables Availability

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