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Building a Total Content Management Lifecycle With Quantum StorNext and Reach Engine

Modern content management and monetization workflows are evolving quickly. Broadcast, owned-content, sports and enterprise video need an adaptable and flexible content management workflow environment. Automating all phases of media and content management, from ingest through transformation, delivery, archive and retrieval across multiple tiers of content optimized storage delivers efficiency, productivity and control.

Solution Overview

Reach Engine and Quantum have integrated the Reach Engine platform with Quantum’s StorNext® solutions to simplify the deployment and lower the cost of managing video, audio and rich media assets across the enterprise. Both companies have developed a solution bundle designed to scale from as small as tens of thousands of assets to millions across the entire workflow, whether it be local or distributed.

High Throughput Video Processing

Reach Engine is the leading value solution for tiered media production services to workgroup, medium-to-large enterprise, and cloud service customers. Reach Engine offers the greatest value and pricing at each stage in the production process—whether your business requires end-to-end workflows or is delivering a part of the value chain in the media cycle. Reach Engine is integrated with Apple Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer and Adobe Premiere workflows, enabling content editors to choose to receive media files in the format they desire. Users can work remotely, on low-res proxies, searching and accessing highlights (partial files) based on timecodes from the centralized storage and archive. The combined solution has been proven to scale to PBs of data in rapid, changing catalogues like Ultimate Fighting Championship®.

Quantum’s StorNext workflow storage solutions support the industry’s largest number of operating environments (Linux, Windows, Mac OS X), making sure the wide variety of applications within your workflow are “future-proof”. Policies can be set to relocate content on the proper tier of storage—from SSD for high throughput transcodes, to fast fibre channel disk for editing, to low-cost disk or LTO tape for archive. StorNext Pro Solutions provide a complete, high-performance shared storage solution built to support high-throughput media workflows from ingest all the way to archive.

Automated And Distributed Content Repurposing

The Reach Engine user interface is a welcome change from traditional MAMs, with video stills prominent graphically, helping content professionals move from a file-based workflow to true media-based workflows. Content retrieval is made easy through the Reach Engine’s integration with StorNext’s Partial File Retrieval (PFR) APIs—providing the ability to pull back segments of large, full-length video content based on timecodes. This enables secondary, less-expensive disk or LTO tape tiers to be part of an active and flexible workflow and not just some dormant vault.

The StorNext AEL Archive delivers a reliable, self-monitoring and self-healing, high-capacity archive intended for the long-term storage of nearline content. Quantum is the only vendor in the industry that offers the integration of a tape library and policy-based tape data integrity checking, giving customers the additional assurance of knowing that the data on their tapes is being tested and validated on a continuous and ongoing basis. And the unique slot-based pricing model preserves your investment, effectively doubling your capacity with no additional software license fees when moving from LTO-5 to LTO-6 tape standard technology.


Base Configuration - Components
The base configuration environment includes:
  1. Reach Engine Studio
  2. StorNext Pro Studio solution, providing:
    • StorNext M440 Metadata Controller
    • StorNext QXS-1200 Disk Storage
    • Optional StorNext AEL500 Tape Archive
This base configuration provides:
  • An appliance-based storage management environment for your Reach Engine Studio
  • 48TB usable space of local, performance disk for your media library
  • A library supporting the Reach Engine tiered storage capabilities starting with 50TB of active tape capacity, expandable to over 1PB
Expansion Options:
Whether you are ready now, or planning on growing in the future, Reach Engine and Quantum are ready to grow with you using:
  • Expanded working capacity with additional drive enclosures. Additional controllers can be added with additional enclosures for up to 318TB (384TB raw)
  • Expanded bandwidth with additional disk arrays. QXS-1200 arrays can add additional bandwidth for single stream performance up to 5.2GB aggregate performance
  • Expanded archive capacity up to 21PB of active vault with the AEL6000 Tape Archive
  • Increased file count and additional filesystems with the M660 Metadata Controller. Swapping out the M440 Metadata Controller for a M660 Metadata Controller will increase maximum file count to up to over 300 million files per file system, and up to 16 file systems
  • Additional attached SAN and network workstations can be added to up to 1500 total clients

Transcoding server, application server, and streaming server are not provided in the base configuration.

Business Benefits

  • Quick turnaround of assets across geographically dispersed workflow
  • Reference architecture eliminates guesswork
  • Storage infrastructure from one vendor eliminates compatibility challenges
  • Architected to take advantage of archive and retrieval across wide area storage
  • Unified end-to-end content production; integrated enterprise search across the archive
  • Multi-platform support enables multiple applications to write and retrieve content
  • Workflow engine eases production; manages tasks, automates processes
  • Highly configurable scalable, and well-proven
  • Pre-defined recommended configurations based on StorNext appliances reduces costs


Reach Engine & Quantum Partner Video Testimonial

Reach Engine & Quantum Partner Video Testimonial

Proven Reach Engine and Quantum Solutions for Total Content Management Lifecycle

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