Milestone & Quantum Create a High-Performance Multi-Tier Storage Solution

Think Differently About Video Surveillance and Security Systems: How Tiering Allows Customers to Store More and Spend Less

Security and video surveillance professionals are facing new challenges created by cameras upgrading from analog to digital, higher camera resolutions, and surveillance video uses extending beyond security purposes. These challenges create an influx in data, and managing this infrastructure takes an intelligent, scalable storage platform. Milestone and Quantum have created a joint storage solution that effectively manages the ever-increasing data management requirements of today’s surveillance landscape, utilizing Quantum’s multi-tier storage platform and Milestone’s XProtect IP video management software. This joint offering brings together best-of-breed products in a compelling storage solution that flexes to meet customers’ dynamic retention requirements and budget.

How Xprotect And Stornext Work Together

As video surveillance data is ingested, XProtect writes the data to Quantum’s StorNext® converged storage platform. Data that is written to primary storage is also copied to a secondary tier of storage to ensure that data is protected—this minimizes the need to move files across the network when retention times expire. With StorNext multi-tier storage, customers can set up a policy to automatically migrate their investigation/search data to the lowest-cost storage with zero impact to their workflow. As the data ages, its location in the primary tier of storage expires based on the customer’s set policy, keeping the copy retained in the secondary tier to be accessed as needed. StorNext also has the ability to set up multiple policies with different characteristics in a single system to provide extensive flexibility in managing data.

Milestone and Quantum’s joint solution allows XProtect to efficiently access data that has aged beyond the primary storage capacity and is now only retained in the secondary storage platform. By integrating XProtect software, users can take advantage of longer-retained data, providing a seamless interface to the operator. XProtect utilizes Quantum StorNext’s extensive Application Programming Interfaces (API) to efficiently locate and retrieve desired files—even when a file has been tiered to a different type of storage, the file looks like it’s right where the user left it; it’s as easy as looking for a document on a C: drive.

How It Works

Storage Solution Architecture

As video surveillance data migrates from Milestone’s Xprotect VMS, it can be accessed on the primary tier of storage using the Quantum StorNext File System. StorNext is a SAN- or NAS-based shared storage platform that allows multiple hosts to read and write data to the same disk system simultaneously. This function takes advantage of the entire disk-based primary tier of storage rather than dedicating storage resources to an individual server. Quantum StorNext Storage Manager software provides the policy-driven movement of data to and from the secondary tiers of storage.

The secondary tier of storage can be a variety of different storage types, including: file-based tape, private cloud, public cloud, or other disk platforms. Customers can choose secondary storage file types based on their specific needs and requirements and configure a policy that continuously monitors their storage system, making data movement decisions automatic and based on rules set up by the operator. As data storage requirements change over time, customers can easily adjust their policy settings to meet changing infrastructure needs.


Existing surveillance storage technologies are being stressed beyond their current capabilities to maintain increasing influxes of data for the long term. Quantum StorNext software has the ability to scale to avoid the strain that comes from retaining large amounts of data for long periods of time. With StorNext’s policy-based tiering, customers can integrate different types of storage into a single namespace that can include: SSDs, spinning disk, object storage, LTO/LTFS tape, and cloud. Quantum’s flexible durability policies enable configuration changes to add more storage or even to expand from single-site to multi-site configurations without disruptive data migration.

Milestone IP video technology allows video surveillance content to be used not only for security and safety, but also for use cases like airports, city surveillance, and public transportation that cost-effectively monitor operations for business optimization and process improvement. Milestone products have an open architecture so industries can create custom solutions and incorporate new technology as it is developed to solve any challenge their business is facing. Because different industries have different needs, the powerful combination of Milestone’s XProtect VMS and Quantum’s StorNext software provides a complete surveillance and security solution.

Common Use Cases

  • Airports
  • Banking
  • City Surveillance
  • Critical Infrastruture
  • Public Transport
  • Retail
  • Seaports
  • Traffic Monitoring

Business Benefits

  • High-performance primary storage for up to 1000s of cameras
  • Direct access to files from XProtect VMS via SAN and NAS clients
  • Scalability to handle large files and long retention
  • Automatic tiering to move files to lower-cost long-term storage devices

Proven Milestone and Quantum solutions for high-performance multi-tier storage deployment

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