Arkivio Autostor & Quantum DXi

The Smart Way to Manage Your Unstructured Data

Data explosion drives up primary storage costs. DXi with Arkivio Autostor has the solution that can help your organization control those costs.

Most of the new data is likely to be unstructured data, like email, audio, image & video files, etc. Once generated, captured, or initially used, this data becomes reference data and will not change often.

DXi® with Arkivio Autostor helps customers control their increasing storage costs by empowering them to use the same appliance to do both data backup and data archiving. This unique solution from Quantum has a backup share and an archive share co-existing together on the same machine. Your backup operations are unchanged, but now you are getting more value from your DXi as the Arkivio Autostor software identifies rarely used files in primary storage and moves them to files on the lower-cost DXi storage.


Yet perhaps the most important benefit of DXi with Arkivio Autostor is the savings it can generate vs a plain DXi backup appliance. Quantum’s research showed DXi with Arkivio Autostor can achieve cost savings in excess of 60%. Here is a generic example illustrating how DXi with Arkivio Autostor can save organizations big money while giving back precious primary storage for re-use.

DXi with Arkivio cost comparison -
archiving unstructured data vs backing it up
Archive Backup Archive Backup
Estimated Cost/TB
of Unstructured Data*
Estimated Cost of 50TB
of Unstructured Data
Primary storage cost $2,000 $2,000 $100,000 $100,000
Backup SW cost - $1,500 $0 $75,000
Archive SW cost $600 - $30,000 $0
Savings from freeing up primary storage ($2,000) - ($100,000) $0
DXi storage cost $1,000 $1,000 $50,000 $50,000
Total cost of archiving/backup$80,000$225,000

% Savings archive vs backup unstructured data64%

*Costs/TB for primary, backup and archiving cost are approximate and can vary depending on the customer.

Savings can really add up when you have a lot of unstructured data that rarely changes. A free Data Scan with Arkivio Autostor can help you estimate the exact savings for your environment, yet here is a chart showing what can be achieved.


  • Free up expensive primary storage and unlock big savings Moving the rarely used, mostly unstructured data from your primary storage to an archive frees up precious primary storage for data that needs to be there.
  • Speed up backups, reduce the backup size & network loads As more of the data is moved from primary storage to archive there is less data to back up, thus speeding up backups and putting less strain on the networks.
  • Increase the ROI from the same DXi Quantum DXi appliances already offer customers the best-in-class solution for backup. Enabling the archive use on the same machine further increases return on investment vs competitive solutions and shortens the payback period for their DXi investment.

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