StorNext File System

StorNext® is a modern file system with advanced data management and high-speed access to your data for faster insights and dynamic business value.

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Organizations today, like yours, need to manage the growing demands of massive amounts of unstructured data and high-resolution video. StorNext is a software-defined file system and data management platform designed for organizations that require the highest streaming performance, reliability, and massive scale.

It is ideally suited for data-intensive uses, such as scientific and life sciences research, healthcare, artificial intelligence (AI), ADAS, financial services, data analytics, and media / post-production. It delivers performance and scalability for ingesting, processing, and working on your data. Sophisticated data management policies help you manage, protect, and archive your data assets and files over time, and across local and cloud storage.

Fast Data Access When and Where You Need It

Fast Data Access When and Where You Need It

StorNext software provides you with high-speed streaming performance, reliability, and massive scalability for your data when and where you need it. StorNext’s file system architecture includes a broad range of flexible connectivity options, a rich set of data services, data management features, and monitoring interfaces.

Industry-Leading Features

StorNext clients running MacOS, Linux, or Windows may connect to a StorNext File Storage system in a variety of ways. Each connectivity method benefits from unique characteristics, enabling you to maximize performance, affordability, and simplicity.

Clients and Connectivity
  • StorNext Client
  • NAS
  • S3

Featured Benefits


Broadest Range of Connectivity Options

Including NFS, SMB, S3, and StorNext File System client for MAC, Windows, or Linux.


Independently Scale Performance, User Access, and Capacity

Scale-out performance up to thousands of clients, and scale capacity with any type of storage up to billions of files.


Versatile Storage Options

Scale file system clusters using any combination of NVMe, SSD, and HDD.


Highest Streaming Performance

Up to 23 GB per second on a single stream.


Software-Defined Data Management, Protection

Protect, manage, and archive your data across flash, disk, object, tape, and cloud with versatile data management capabilities.


Ecosystem Integration and Support with Open APIs

StorNext is a POSIX-compliant file system with a standard set of APIs and a broad ecosystem of integrated and certified applications.

File System Use Cases


Big data analytics, machine learning, IoT, video surveillance, ADAS


Medical records, genomics sequencing, bioimaging


Editing, VFX, animation, sports production, TV and broadcast


Classroom curriculum, training, Earth observation, space research, national security, intelligence


Transactions, risk management, market simulation


Supply chain, warehousing, transportation, R&D

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