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Talk to Quantum
about the Power of Insight at SC15

The attendees at SC15 are building the future. Scientists, engineers, researchers, educators, developers, analysts, designers—they are all gathering in Austin to collaborate on high-performance computing. And a team of workflow storage experts from Quantum will be at SC15—in booth #185—to talk to HPC professionals about how intelligent data management and multi-tier storage can help teams to harness data, derive new insights, and transform the world.

Quantum Enables HPC
Workflows Across Disciplines


Genomics researchers need high-speed storage to enable the large-scale data analysis in today’s bioinformatics workflows. And they need to preserve their next-gen sequencing data for decades. Intelligent multi-tier storage from Quantum lets teams combine flash, high-speed disk, object storage, tape, and cloud to deploy solutions that have the performance of SAN with the ease of NAS connectivity.

Intelligence & Defense

Increases in the amount of Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) data—combined with advances in sensor, precision geolocation, and packet capture technologies—offer analysts and warfighters a wealth of data. To process and exploit this data—to transform it into actionable information—agencies need a converged storage architecture that has been engineered for speed and scale.

Oil & Gas Exploration

More sophisticated sensors and advanced analytics have created more data and more opportunity to reduce time to oil—but managing petabytes of exploration data remains a challenge. High-performance storage that enables geophysicists to analyze massive collections of seismic data can improve productivity and make E&P workflows more efficient.


Observation satellites above the Earth continuously capture data that is vital for predicting the path of hurricanes, anticipating the effects of climate change, maintaining national security, and more. To transform geospatial data into scientific insights, researchers need both high-speed capture and shared access to critical data—at a scale never seen before.

Innovating in HPC Calls
for a Different Approach
to Storage

Storing data is easy. Transforming data into insights takes innovation. High-performance computing requires the right kind of storage, whether you’re using a high-performance file system designed for streaming data like StorNext, or a parallel file system like Lustre.

Engineered to solve the world’s biggest storage challenges, intelligent multi-tier storage from Quantum—including flash, high-speed disk, object storage, tape, and even cloud—helps researchers optimize for performance, scale, and sharing. From linear accelerators at CERN to genomics and proteomic research at SIB to the earth observing system at NASA, Quantum enables teams to reduce time to insight. That’s the power of Eureka!

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Unlocking Life’s Code
with Multi-Tier Storage
for Genomics

There are few tasks more data-intensive than analyzing the billions of chemical building blocks of DNA. To derive insights from high-throughput sequencing data, genomics and bioinformatics teams need specialized storage infrastructure that enables high-speed analysis and computation—at scale.

Multi-tier storage from Quantum provides high-speed access to billions of files with storage that scales to petabytes, allowing teams to preserve genomics and bioinformatics data for decades. And object storage from Quantum can be used for large-scale active archives, including support for cloud protocols such as S3. Find out how Quantum’s intelligent data management helps genomics and proteomics teams accelerate discovery.

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Advancing the Understanding
of Our World
with Geospatial Research

Geospatial teams today need high-speed capture and shared access to critical data, at a scale never seen before. Increases in the amount of data, advances in sensors, and more sophisticated processing software—all create opportunity for government agencies and research institutions. But transforming satellite and precision geolocation data into critical insights requires storage solutions that enable high-speed shared access and complex analysis.

Multi-tier storage from Quantum can be easily integrated into geospatial workflows—so that scientists and analysts can make smart decisions in the face of national security threats, natural disasters, and climate change.

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For the Greater Good:
Intelligent Storage for Intelligence & Defense

Increases in the amount of Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) data—combined with advances in sensor, precision geolocation, and packet capture technologies—have given agencies a new view into what is happening and when. But these technology advances create a challenging influx of data for intelligence analysts, military personnel, first-responders, and scientists.

With Xcellis, Quantum delivers a powerful and scalable StorNext system that simplifies storage architectures and streamlines operations. And with Quantum’s new QXS Hybrid storage, our hardened, military-grade disk with real-time tiering delivers up to 200,000 IOPS—on par with all-flash arrays, at a fraction of the cost.

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Making the Inaccessible Accessible with Multi-Tier
Storage for Oil & Gas

For oil and gas companies, exploration is key to growth—the search for natural resources requires a hard data-driven look at the unknown. Shared access and efficient analysis are requirements for making smart decisions about where to drill, what to bid, and how to maximize productivity. To tap the value of seismic data, organizations need specialized storage infrastructure with just the right combination of speed, scale, and access.

High-speed and “self-service” access to seismic files and post-stack data in the archive—even when a file has been tiered to object storage or tape—can help geophysicists dramatically improve the efficiency of their E&P workflows.

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Talk to Quantum
at SC15 about
Workflow Storage

Visit Quantum at SC15 at booth #185 to talk to our team of workflow storage experts about how we enable the power of Eureka! Come learn about all the tiers of storage that we offer to HPC customers—from the speed of flash, to the real-time tiering of our QXS hybrid storage, to the long-term durability of Lattus object storage, to the economics of tape, to cloud—as well as our powerful StorNext File System.

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