Data Protection

Data Protection

A company's data is the lifeblood of their business. Customer data, financial and legal records and just day-to-day correspondence are examples of what make up all the vital information required to run a company successfully. That's why data protection is so critical for anyone that is responsible for keeping it safe.

Today's Data Protection Challenges

With data growing at an average of 50% annually, data backup and recovery are challenges facing all businesses regardless of company size or industry. To meet these challenges, IT departments are constantly looking for new data protection strategies and solutions to help shorten backup windows and provide faster recovery and restore times. In addition, any data protection and disaster recovery (DR) plan requires that multiple copies of critical data are available, whereby some sets of data are immediately available while others sets of data are available only when needed. A tiered storage approach meets the needs of data availability and redundancy, but creates its own set of data protection challenges where trade-offs must be made between the need for quick access and the need to manage the costs of redundant data. To add to the complexity, many IT managers are leveraging the benefits of virtualization, but backing up and protecting a virtual server infrastructure brings its own challenges.

Integrated Solutions

Quantum has developed specialized, purpose-built solutions that integrate innovative technologies to provide unique benefits. For example, our DXi appliances incorporate advanced, patented variable-block deduplication to not only deliver best-in-class performance and efficiency but also enable optimized and affordable replication for disaster recovery. DXi appliances feature direct tape creation (also known as path to tape), providing integrated tiered storage capabilities to further reduce costs for long-term retention. This enables customers to take advantage of the enhancements we've continued to make in our industry-leading Scalar tape libraries, such as dual robotics for high availability and policy-based media integrity checking. For customers deploying multiple Quantum products, our Vision software provides common management across global locations, systems and tiers.

Unmatched Value

Our data protection solutionsalso offer unmatched value, with low initial and ongoing costs for optimal TCO, thereby improving customers' overall IT infrastructure efficiency. We do all this without compromising on features and functionality. Because our data protection products have intelligent advanced management features, they also save staff time and operational costs. This focus on providing high-value, cost-effective solutions with industry-leading features and functionality results in a significant return on investment. In fact, a recent IDC study found that for every dollar invested, Quantum customers saw an average return of $4.75 with payback in just over 6 months! Just as important as providing strong ROI, we protect the investments you've already made in your infrastructure by designing our data protection solutions to integrate easily into your existing environment.

Bridging your needs for Today and Tomorrow

At Quantum, we focus on not only meeting your current data protection needs but also helping you transition cost-effectively as new challenges and opportunities arise. We recognize that you can't always anticipate what your future needs will be, which is why our data protection solutions are flexible and scale from the entry-level to the enterprise. As a matter of fact, we pioneered the concept of capacity-on-demand, first made available in our Scalar libraries and recently introduced in select disk and virtual data protection appliances. Finally, we're committed to helping our customers make the transition to virtual environments.We can help you consolidate physical and virtual server data protection by combining the strength of our DXi systems.

Whatever the size of your organization, Quantum is committed to providing the knowledge, experience, and solutions to help meet your data protection needs.

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