Data Retention Solutions

Long Term Data Retention and Archiving

Protect Your Data Throughout Its Life Cycle. From hours and days to months and years, it's important to have a tiered storage solution in place.

Not all data is created equal. While some information needs to be backed up and accessed immediately, other assets need to be retained for longer periods of time—especially with increasing regulatory requirements. And with shrinking budgets, it's important to integrate an efficient short- and long-term data retention strategy you can rely on.

The Best of Disk, Tape and Software

Quantum DXi disk-based backup with deduplication is ideal for fast backups and can reduce storage requirements by 90 percent or more. But when you need to store data for several years, Quantum Scalar® tape libraries are a smart long-term retention solution because of their low cost of ownership, encryption capabilities, portability for disaster recovery, and durability. Plus, you can simplify your data management with StorNext software that streamlines file access and archiving.

Low Environmental Impact

It's no surprise that power, cooling, and space requirements are key issues for your IT department. But when you leverage the right technologies, you can reduce costs easily. Deduplication helps lower costs with disk backup, and tape is ideal for storing data over long periods of time due to its automated management, scalability, and low power consumption. By implementing the right archiving technologies in your tiered storage environment, you can lower your storage costs even more.

Go Beyond a Single Strategy

Quantum believes that a single strategy isn't the best solution for your data's life cycle. Quantum's goal is to provide a combination of technologies—including disk, deduplication, tape, encryption, file system and archiving software—that solve your unique short- and long-term retention challenges.



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